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Before beginning to introduce myself, I ought to ask whether I should go about this traditionally or whether I should forego the basics and talk about the useful stuff. You know, the interesting stuff. Well, seeing as how I'm a fiend for breaking from tradition, we'll do this backwards. Here goes. If you spot me in the halls, you'll probably see a the skinny, long-haired blonde guy wearing a union suit, done up in thrift-store clothing, with a green rubber courier bag. I'll be going to or from the Writing Resource Center, where I work as a peer tutor, and I'll almost certainly be carrying a coffeepot to fill with fresh water. I am usually unashamed of myself, and being a senior this semester, tend to feel pretty at-home on campus. You'll probably know that I'm an English major (though I'm squirreling away a philosophy minor in here as well) and that I'm a big fan of sci-fi and speculative fiction in general. You'd know that, I imagine, if you've ever had a fiction class with me.

But I have another life.

You don't see much of it here, at BSU, but this is the shocking truth: I'm actually a huge nerd. No... A geek? Whatever it is that young technophiles of my generation call themselves.

Some divers facts: I adore PC gaming and think of the development of virtual worlds to be more than entertainment, but art, storytelling and a meaningful social experience. I take it seriously, and I love it! My small pack of local friends, guys I've known practically since I moved up here from south Florida nine years ago, basically speak in a flurry of Internet inside jokes, memes and YouTube sound bites. I build my own computers and we frequently get together for LAN's. Here, this should be pretty telling: I have a four gig jump drive completely full of most of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and an Xbox 360 memory unit on my keychain right now, and am wearing an old Nintendo 64 A/V cable as a belt. I am eagerly looking forward to getting home to my new tablet PC, which I will use for digital painting and, well, fun! If I didn't have a half-dozen English assignments to do, I'd get back to skinning the ship I'm designing for the old indie space sim, Starshatter. (Did I mention that I'm a huge sci-fi nerd?) To finish the list of my crimes against the mainstream: I play D&D (and run my own campaigns), over half of my favorite films are anime, I keep a blog to communicate with my friends, and I program for fun.

Did I mention that I'm single?

Naturally, living a life split between geek culture and traditional english/philosophical education, I'm very interested in way language, rhetoric, bridges these worlds. The future isn't only coming fast, it seems to be accelerating every day, and I couldn't be more excited to learn about how people think, speak and act in this changing environment.

Oh, right. My name's Zach, by the way. But, I guess you'll know me as ZacharyBurke here.

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