1. 1st perspective

I was walking back from class late one night, in the tunnel right by Tamarack, when I saw two tall young men sitting on the floor and drinking. They each had brown glass beer bottles in their hands. I stopped, and asked if they knew that alcohol was prohibited on campus. They laughed, and one with a blue coat sneered, "Whatcha gonna do about it?"
I was angry, but tried to keep a non-interested expression. The dozens of other students I had thought were around had suddenly diminished to just 3 behind me. That'd be enough to keep them from trying anything though, I thought.
"I don't know. Maybe nothing. Just wondered if you knew you could get fined over $250 if you get caught."
Not wanting to make a scene, I shrugged, and walked away. Haha - suckers! Let them think they'd get away with it - in less than 250 yards, I'd be up in Tamarack's lobby, telling the desk worker and calling Security. They were gonna be sorry!
But before I'd gone even 10 yards, someone grabbed the back of my jacket, and I stopped.
"Thought you'd just go tell on us, didn't ya? Well, Sweetheart, not this time."
Before he could do anything, I unzipped my jacket, slipped my arms out, turned 180 degrees to my right, and raised my right hand, in one motion assuming the sideways "smash attack " karate stance. I did not want to fight, but if he tried anything, I'd be ready. And since my left foot was still pointing away towards the tunnel's exit, it would be easy for me to quickly run, should I need to.
The other guy (Red Jacket) was still sitting intoxicatedly where he'd originally been. Blue Jacket was my sole challenger. He didn't seem overly drunk yet, but apparently stupid enough to think he could hurt me. He lunged forward. I slashed his surprised face with my right hand, hitting him squarely across the bridge of his nose, then kicked him in the groin with my forward right foot. He doubled over, and I slammed my right hand across the back of his neck. He was on all fours now, muttering something about the blood from his nose.
About that time, three security officers appeared in the tunnel. Blue Jacket still hadn't moved from the floor where he'd fallen, and Red Jacket was still enjoying the contents of his bottle, looking quite unperturbed.
One of the 3 students who had watched the whole ordeal came forward and while two officers attended Blue Jacket and Red Jacket, the other one questioned me and the other students.

2nd perspective

Me and my friend, Dirk, were really bored that night. We knew our ever-watchful RA, Dan, would catch us if we tried to drink on his floor, so we decided to go down to the tunnels. Since there are no security cameras, and almost no one is around at night between 9 and 11, we thought we could just have a good time and if anyone tried to stop us, that was their problem. We were just sitting there, drinking and talking (we weren't even loud!) when several people walked by us. They didn't even look at us, just kept walking. About half an hour later, after about 2 beers, one tall chic asked us if we knew the campus policy on alcohol.
I dared her to do anything about it, and when she passed the challenge up, I knew she'd go tattle on us. Without thinking, I grabbed her jacket, I just wanted to intimidate her into not telling on us. I wasn't really gonna hurt her, or anything. Maybe just threaten to hit her, something like that. But before I could say anything besides, "Thought you'd go tell on us, huh? Well, Sweetheart, not this time," she had wriggled out and turned around, looking like some Jackie Chan wanna-be.
I thought she was probably bluffing, had probably just taken some sissy self-defense course in elementary school and never learned any real moves. So I lunged at her, expecting to tackle her to the floor easily.
All of a sudden, I felt the most intense pain in my life. My face was cracking! And before I could even double over from that, I'd been kicked hard in the groin. After all of 5 seconds, and another hard hit on my neck, I was sprawled on the floor, silently begging for mercy.
Next thing I knew, I was being questioned by some serious black-uniformed security officer. How the heck had I ended up here? I had been so victimized! I wasn't doing anything wrong! I would have been just fine, had that idiot just left me alone!

3rd perspective

I was on my way back from class tonight, and in the tunnels next to Tamarack, when I saw some girl stop and talk to two guys who were sitting on the floor. I was too far away to understand what they said, but it looked like the two men were drinking, since they both had bottles in their hands, and there were about 5 empty bottles on the floor around them. I thought about heading back towards the security office, but then I thought there should be someone to stay here, in case something happened. I turned around and stopped the girl behind me. After telling her to go grab someone from security, I turned back and walked within 50 yards of the commotion. The girl had finished talking, and was walking away when one of the guys tried to stop her. I was just about to go help her, when she somehow got out of the coat, turned around, and hopped into some sideways martial arts stance. It looked like tae-kwon-do, but I wasn't sure. The guy sprang at her, and she attacked him like in the movies: in less than 30 seconds, and 3 moves, she had him flat on the ground. I was never so surprised to see a girl beat a bully. Then, she looked around, saw me, and waved me over. Just as she yelled for me to run grab security, the girl I'd sent came back with three officers. They attended the two guys, and questioned me and Karate Kid.
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