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=====My Three Hundred Words in Print=====
Why did I...
- choose to use the paper I did? The poster was some material I had and I thought it would be better than using smaller and additional pieces of paper.
- use the margins I did? I left room to draw pictures in the margins because I feel my life can be explained with but also without the use of words.
- put my name where it is? Why? I put my name on the top of the poster to make sure it is the first thing that describes me because I believe those three words are what identify me the most.
- break my paragraphs as I did? I only used one paragraph because I felt everything that I included in my statement all belonged together and didn't need to be separated. I vaguely explained my life without going into too much detail.
- show paragraphs as I did? I wanted to wrap up my life in a nutshell and not get into too much detail, since this is just an introduction. (See previous question, also.)
- choose the colors I used? I opened up the Crayola Crayons 48 pack and basically picked out the colors of the rainbow, going by ROY G BIV but only used violet instead of using both indigo and violet, and then picked two other colors that I liked.
- use straight lines? I like things neat and orderly and I think this is one way to depict it.
- blocks of text? I used one big block because it all went together, and only one was needed.
- use diagrams, pictures, illustrations? I used illustrations because they also help to describe my life instead of just using words (going with "a picture is worth more than a thousand words"). I drew a sun and moon because I was thinking of how life can be as different as night and day from experience to experience; the basketball because it has been a big part of my life, probably for about 13 years; the stick people because I asked my friend how she would describe me and she said always being tall and having red hair, qualities that make a person kind of stick out in a crowd (according to her); BSU because that is where I am in life right now; an illustration of the outdoors because that is how I enjoy spending my time; and a math notebook and a periodic table of elements because that is what I am graduating with and am hopefully going to use to pursue my next chapter in life, which is graduate school.
- cut out the poster as I did and have a blue background? I feel like my mind is always wandering in a bunch of different directions and something is always going on in the background. It is hard for me to sit still.
=====Differences in Presentations=====
-This time, I thought it was easier being able to incorporate just about anything. I used a poster board because I knew I wanted to use pictures to help explain and also as a way to use less words. I chose the colors for various reasons. The background and my name are in blue because it is one of my favorite colors; the text of my paragraph is in purple because it is a color I like, but isn't my favorite color, and I thought it would all go well together. I cut out the poster as it is to get away from the typical rectangle shape and to represent how life isn't perfect, it isn't so straightforward as the rectangle. I chose a white poster board because I had it in my room and I knew that you could do just about anything with the white color. I really like the layout because the majority is text but the pictures add to the text and help explain it. My idea was to hopefully draw the attention of the reader to first read the text (because it is the largest part of the poster) but then to draw off of the pictures.
- I changed the prose from the first version because I wasn't happy with the way my first description turned out. I had a tough time trying to decide what to talk about, possibly because of the number of words required and the fact that it was all in words. I got more specific in the first version but this time, I briefly summed up my life and noted a few specifics in the text and then elaborated into detail with the use of the drawings. I found out that it is more difficult to individualize your introduction if you can only use words.
- This time, I kept in mind the audience this was going to be addressing and tried to keep away from including things that are too obvious. I did include a BSU symbol but I felt like that is important and makes up who I am right now, even though the members of this class already know that. Also, since no one knows me in particular and this is an introduction, I didn't get into very much detail.
- I didn't run into too many problems, except for initially deciding how I wanted to introduce myself. I am not a very good artist, so I made sure to keep things simple and in a way that other people could understand. I had thought about the materials I had around my room that I could use to make the poster and based it off of what I had available.
- One thing that I wish would've came out better was the text. It was still hard for me to explain myself in a way that included a little bit of everything about myself without getting too detailed. I had to decide what was important and what wasn't relevant for an introduction.
- I definitely feel like this second work turned out better and enabled me to introduce myself in the way that was intended. As for an introduction to a university-level class, I think it could've been more successful. I guess I didn't really know how to address what others would want to know about me. I think I directed this work to a more general audience rather than to my colleagues. There is room for improvement, especially within the text (stated in the previous bullet).
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