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- I changed the prose from the first version because I wasn't happy with the way my first description turned out. I had a tough time trying to decide what to talk about, possibly because of the number of words required and the fact that it was all in words. I got more specific in the first version but this time, I briefly summed up my life and noted a few specifics in the text and then elaborated into detail with the use of the drawings. I found out that it is more difficult to individualize your introduction if you can only use words.
- This time, I kept in mind the audience this was going to be addressing and tried to keep away from including things that are too obvious. I did include a BSU symbol but I felt like that is important and makes up who I am right now, even though the members of this class already know that. Also, since no one knows me in particular and this is an introduction, I didn't get into very much detail.
- I didn't run into too many problems, except for initially deciding how I wanted to introduce myself. I am not a very good artist, so I made sure to keep things simple and in a way that other people could understand. I had thought about the materials I had around my room that I could use to make the poster and based it off of what I had available.
- One thing that I wish would've came out better was the text. It was still hard for me to explain myself in a way that included a little bit of everything about myself without getting too detailed. I had to decide what was important and what wasn't relevant for an introduction.
- I definitely feel like this second work turned out better and enabled me to introduce myself in the way that was intended. As for an introduction to a university-level class, I think it could've been more successful. I guess I didn't really know how to address what others would want to know about me. I think I directed this work to a more general audience rather than to my colleagues. There is room for improvement, especially within the text (stated in the previous bullet).

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