Why did you choose to use the paper you did?
Why did you use the margins you did?
Where did you put your name? why? Top
Why did you break your paragraphs as you did?

Why did you show paragraphs as you did? N/A

Why did you choose the color(s) you used?

Why did you (or why did you not) use straight lines?
Why did you (or why did you not) use blocks of text?
myWhy did you (or why did you not) use diagrams, pictures, illustrations? life (my journey).
Why did you (or why did you not) do what whatever else you did?

More Questions
What did you do differently this time? What resources did you use to create meaning - in addition to the words themselves - this time - and to what end did you use them? By resources I mean color, size, layout, texture, kind of paper, other...
If you changed the prose - the words and sentences, word choice, sentence construction, paragraphs, paragraphing - how did you change them? Why? To what end?
Did you bump into any rhetorical difficulties? For instance, how did you handle maintaining your credibility? Did you change the level of formality? Anything else?
Did you bump into any difficulties or limits handling the media you used?
Anything in the work that you don't feel in control of? Didn't know how to do? Wish you could do better?
How successful were you with this second work? That is, how well does this work communicate what was intended, that is, how well does it introduce you, to your colleagues, in a university-level course? Where does it succeed, and where not?
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