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===What I did and Why===
-I chose to use this paper so I would have more space to write with the crayons. It is also easier to draw on a sketch pad that loose paper or notebook paper.
- I used as much space as I cold and didn't use margins.
- I put my name in the opening sentence to introduce myself.
- I broke my paragraphs into different subject that I was going to discuss.
- I thought that by using paragraphs it would be easy for the reader to understand what I was talking about.
- I wanted the colors that I like to be used in the words emphasised, so I used purple for the main part of the body because it isn't on of my favorite colors.
- I attempted to use straight lines so it would be easier to fallow but they ended up slanted.
- I used block text to break up the paragraphs more.
- I used some of my picture just for doodling but others descrobe who I amd and what I do.

=== Questions for class===
I stuck to the basice of who I am and what I like to do more so than going into detail. With crayons I didn't know how long people were going to want to read so I drew more pictures.

My paragraphs were pretty much a sentence instead of 3 or 4.

The formality changed to a school grade level. As I wrote this I felt like I was introducing myself to little kids and I, myself one as well.
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