300 Words in Print Assignment

I used colors to create a more interesting profile. They tend to stand out and draw the eye more accurately than plain black text. Using plain white paper allowed me more freedom to do what I wanted, such as illustrating, coloring, and writing format.

I changed my writing structure from one entire block to separate paragraphs according to their subject matter because it would make them easier to read.

I started out as very formal in the beginning, but as I kept writing, started to loosen up. While I was adding more information about myself, I was becoming more comfortable with slipping into a friendlier tone at the tail end of the assignment.

I did have some trouble with figuring out where I was going to fit the drawings. There are a few in a small margin on the first page, but I left a much wider space for the larger drawing I did on the second page. My writing may have gotten a bit crowded in a few spots because of this. Because there were no lines on the paper, I struggled with balancing the words with the pictures without lines to guide them to the correct places.

I don't feel in control of how much space I have to write because of the size and length of the paper I was using. If I were to do it again, I would choose something thicker and wider than plain white printer paper.

I feel that this was successful because although there was less room to write, it did help me to edit the amount of information I put down. Instead of writing about trivial facts such as favorite foods and such, I wrote about career ambitions and hobbies that define who I am as a person.
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