Three Hundred Words in Print

Why did you choose to use the paper you did? I needed a large enough page to have room to list all of the things I wanted to include. I tried to use a regular sheet of notebook paper but I couldn't write that small with crayon. I used a light-colored paper that would show all the colors of crayon well.

Why did you use the margins you did? I didn’t really use margins. I just drew the road first and filled in around the road.

Where did you put your name? why? Top and center to identify who the page was about.

Why did you break your paragraphs as you did? Didn’t’ use paragraphs. Used groups of words and sentence fragments.

Why did you show paragraphs as you did? N/A

Why did you choose the color(s) you used? Yellow for God because He represents light and gives light for my journey; Red for Shane representing love; Green, Purple and Blue for Rachel, Nicole and Matthew because they are their favorite colors; Green for trees because trees are green; Orange for parents because it was a bright color that wasn’t used yet; Brown for friends and acquaintances because they are a steady solid part of my life, like the earth.

Why did you (or why did you not) use straight lines? The road is curved because life is not straight, there are choices that are made that affect the direction. I wanted the present time to be where the road is larger to give dimension, as in travel, and also because as I get older, I have more major decisions to make.

Why did you (or why did you not) use blocks of text? Blocks of text on left represent things that were important or that I liked during that time in my life.

Why did you (or why did you not) use diagrams, pictures, illustrations? The road in the middle represents my life (my journey). I used pictures of trees to represent milestones and accomplishments. There are side roads pictured that illustrate roads I could have taken but didn’t (they were major life choices).

Why did you (or why did you not) do what whatever else you did? The colors on the road represent the relationships/people through my life. Some are there from the beginning (God and parents/family), others are added later (husband and kids). As my life went on, it became more colorful because of the people.

More Questions

What did you do differently this time? What resources did you use to create meaning - in addition to the words themselves - this time - and to what end did you use them? By resources I mean color, size, layout, texture, kind of paper, other... I added a lot more about the relationships in my life. I found that easier to do by using colors. I also thought more about what impacted my life along the way that made me who I am and brought me to where I am. The original version was pretty formal and talked more about what I am currently doing rather than how I got here and what my values are.

If you changed the prose - the words and sentences, word choice, sentence construction, paragraphs, paragraphing - how did you change them? Why? To what end? I changed them drastically. I found that using drawings and colors made it easier to illustrate my life rather than a couple of paragraphs of text. I left out a lot of details and just gave more of any overall picture of who I am and what’s important to me.

Did you bump into any rhetorical difficulties? For instance, how did you handle maintaining your credibility? Did you change the level of formality? Anything else? Since I didn’t worry so much about sentence structure and formality, I found myself revealing more of my personal life.

Did you bump into any difficulties or limits handling the media you used? These might be difficulties in drawing, or in planning the work on the page, or in finding materials....crayons were hard to write with but fun to draw with, which is why I chose to use pictures to represent aspects of my life rather than just words. I had to do several drafts before I actually started my page. I had to see how everything would fit on the page.

Anything in the work that you don't feel in control of? Didn't know how to do? Wish you could do better? It was hard to know how much detail to include with each statement. Do I include dates, details, etc. I wanted to limit the amount of words on the page. I don’t know if I used color successfully. I probably should have written all of the items on the left in shades of the same color. I didn’t want to use orange or yellow to write with because it wouldn’t show up.

How successful were you with this second work? That is, how well does this work communicate what was intended, that is, how well does it introduce you, to your colleagues, in a university-level course? Where does it succeed, and where not? I think it gives a pretty good representation of my overall outlook on life. It shows that I place a great deal of importance on relationships, and that whatever I do in life, I do so because I am seeking God’s will.

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