300 Words in Print

When I started this assignment I had no idea what I was going to do. I knew I wanted to put my name at the top in big letters. From there I was stuck. I thought about my life and things I had done. Then I thought of a good idea to go ahead with. At the top of the page is a sign similar to the signs that are seen when entering a town or city. The sign says “Welcome to AMANDA, Population 1”. Between and to the left of the sign is a road leading off to the top of the page. The sign is on two posts and between those posts is the text written in crayon about me. The text is a paragraph of 60 words. On either side of the posts are a few pictures relating to the text.

This time my intro is a little less formal than the one I worked on in class last week. It has less words but it is basically the same as the intro on the wiki. I changed the point of view to third person to give it an interesting twist. I started the text to relate to the picture of the sign and road. I do wish I had more room on the one page to add more about me but there is little room left to write much.

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