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===== What Makes This Rhetorical, Reprise - Online Version =====

Take about an 1-1/2 hours for this - certainly no more than 2 hours! I'd like to let //you// to get a sense of what you can do in a short time.

Read the exercise through before you start. Then set aside 1-1/2 hours of time during which you won't be interrupted.

Keep the Longaker text in front of you to draw on as you work. This is a final in rhetorical analysis, so you'lll be using the terms and concepts that we've worked with this semester in your work.

==== The exercise ====
A link to a rhetorical artifact has been emailed to you. Use that artifact for this exercise.

Go to your wiki name page and create a new page titled RhetoricalReprise - followed by your initials.

**1. Start by considering the following features to make some general observations. ** A rough paragraph or two or a set of notes would work. Take no more than half an hour for this part.

Address how this artifact persuades: that is,
- what elements it uses
- to persuade an implied audience
- to do / think/ value what

Make some notes on - not necessarily in this order -

- the exigence
- the forum
- the genre
- the register
- what is the argument / major claim / enthymeme
- what evidence is presented: artistic (ethos, logos, pathos) and inartistic (testimony, citations, documents ...)
- the implied rhetor and implied audience as they are manifest in the artifact
- stylistic elements that stand out - textual and visual!
- ...

**2. Now //focus// on one rhetorical element** that you find particularly interesting in this specific case, and develop an analysis in depth and detail for the next hour. You might choose, for instance, to focus on //ethos// for this exercise. Your overall task it to explain how the artifact works rhetorically. If you focus on ethos, your task it to explain how the rhetor uses ethos to achieve the rhetorical ends you center on. Or you might address how the rhetors use stylistic elements ...

**3. wrap up your consideration by addressing this question:** What specific challenge / problem does the specific artifact pose to rhetorical analysis?

=== Notes ===
- Don't worry about creating perfect prose or elegance for this exercise. Use the exercise to work through the analysis. I'll read the work as a draft.
- You don't have to any research for this, although you might quickly look into the rhetor's and the artifact's background if you wish to.

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