What makes this rhetorical, reprise

for face to face students or online using Google Docs or open source real-time collaborative software.

In pairs -
Go to one of your wiki name pages. Start a new page - RhetoricalReprise - followed by all your initials.

You'll be assigned a rhetorical artifact to work with.

Take 30 - 40 minutes to compile notes on that wiki page that you will present from for 5 - 7 minutes.

Address, How this artifact persuades: that is,

Consider - not necessarily in this order
what is the argument / major claim / enthymeme
what evidence is presented: artistic (ethos, logos, pathos) and inartistic (testimony, citations, documents ...)
rhetor and audience
stylistic elements

And wrap up your notes by speaking to
What specific challenge / problem does the specific artifact pose to rhetorical analysis?

The Artifacts

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