LL Bean Catalogue Cover


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How this Artifact Persuades

To persuade the implied audience, this cover had to stand out and make the consumers want to open the catalog and browse their products. To get the consumer to buy their products they used text to give coupons and free shipping. This motivates the audience because people want to save money when buying products. The image sets the scene to persuade the audience they need new outfits. The young, attractive couple look comfortable in their outdoor gear which appeal to the audience. They look like a modern couple in their old truck so the audience can assume that the models (and rhetor) value classics (cars, styles, etc.) The truck looks in great condition, as do the clothes they are wearing. Having text that tells that the company has been around since 1912 and their slogan about "100% satisfaction" shows that the company values their customer's opinions and business. The company wants their customers to be be happy and content with their products. They have been around for a long time, and their products have to. Consumers want quality products that can stand time and weather conditions, and the image of the truck, the models being outside, and the company origin itself show that. Time also comes into play in a different way. The catalog is time stamped to be for fall 2013. Fall means the weather will start to change and that means a new wardrobe must be worn. The company sends out catalogs for the next season usually a month or even two before it happens. The rhetor wants the audience to know it is time to be thinking of warmer outfits so they are ready for the season. The apple in the male models hand could represent school and a new school year (usually indicating back to school shopping).


This artifact could pose a problem for rhetorical analysis by using an image to persuade the audience. It could be taken in many alternative ways. There isn't text that specifically says what the rhetor wants from the audience. The image has many elements that could be overanalyzed or saw in a way that the rhetor wasn't intending.
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