What makes this rhetorical 2016

The object is to start see that even artifacts we don't consider persuasive engage in rhetoric. This is also an exercise in practicing method:

This exercise is a trial run at working with exercises - observing, taking notes, and considering an artifact from a rhetorical perspective. A rhetorical artifact is a text, a catalogue page, a web page, an image, a tweet, a video, an audio file, a transcript of an audio file, an album cover ...

TO start

Go to one of your wiki name pages. Start a new page - WhatMakesThisRhetorical - followed by all your initials.

You'll each be assigned a rhetorical artifact to work with.

Take 20 minutes to compile notes on your wiki page that we will discuss for a few minutes in class

1. Consider these elements of the textualized rhetorical situation. Make notes on what you observe. Refer to Longaker, pp 11-15

2. In an extended paragraph, draw on your notes on observing to consider how this artifact persuades: that is, address

3. And wrap up your notes by using another extended paragraph that addreses this question:

What specific challenge or problem does the specific artifact pose to rhetorical analysis?

The Artifacts

These require some research to establish the rhetorical situation


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