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Implied rhetor of the message:
Implied audience of the message:
Young boys and girl, specifically elementary level and below
Can be found/viewed in a newspaper, or Target ad page, or online at
Type of discourse:
Deliberate because this ad came out before the holidays (Christmas) to inform parents/kids of the sales/price cuts being made. There is no specific date or time-- all one can pick out is that as a sale it won't last long.
Forum and genre:
Online at and toys
Rhetorically active elements:
Bright colors on the toys, a boy playing with gender a stereotypical toy, and a girl playing with a gender stereotypical toy, the largest print is in purple and reads "Free Shipping at on all toys shown", they inform that the NERF gun is the most popular toy, all of the more popular toys have prices in black, whereas the others are in white. coupons are mentioned at the bottom of the page and are available if one were to visit their website and shop online, one of the toys even comes with a free gift card with purchase, main colors in this ad would include purple, red, black, and white, kids are positioned in such a way that they emerge from the fold of the ad when in a newspaper, text of prices is bold and all text is continuous to Targets previous ads

Being that this particle piece of rhetoric is an advertisement, there is no formal, oral, communication between the rhetor and the audience. Therefore there is no telling as to what the audience's reaction is to the piece or what they are thinking. Target in this case is the rhetor. This ad would have been found in a physical paper copy either at the store, in the mail, or tucked into the weekly newspaper. Those who usually pick up these items are adults, but this particular page is geared towards children, specifically primary school aged. Besides the actual toys themselves, which is what appeals to the children, there is a persuasion of purchase going on in every inch of the page. From giant bold letters, to gifts added with certain purchases, the things that actual are meant for kids begin to appeal to parents as well. In our society the holidays are when kids get presents. They pick out these presents usually by an ad they saw on tv, something they saw at the store, or something they saw at school or at the park. Most kids aren't going to pay attention to a piece of paper with prices and fine print on it, unless there are pictures and bright colors presented, which in this case there is. The piece has two audiences--kids and their parents. The persuasion happens when the kids point to the toy they want and it continues when the parents see the great deals. One can't help but consider shopping at Target when they know it's going to please both their child and their bank account. That is the value in this ad.

A problem that this ad poses to rhetorical analysis is that it requires two audiences no matter what. Kids cannot drive to the store and buy these toys themselves. Adults cannot buy these toys for the kids that they don't have, or that don't desire these specific toys. Unlike other advertisements that might just want an audience to show up, participate, or be informed in some other way, this one requires you to spend money, which in my opinion makes them one of the worst kinds of rhetoric of them all. Another challenge that this piece faces is it's medium. Children don't read the newspaper or look at ads. Taking the time and effort to make this page appeal to kids is almost pointless unless they get ahold of the ad. It seems unimportant to pop in bright colors and relatable models. It also states that all of these sales can be found online, which again is where the parent comes into play. Children of this age group don't use the internet and defiantly don't shop online or even own a credit card. One more flaw is that there is no specified time in which the sale will be going on. "Temporary price cut" does not give the audience an idea of when to go shopping for these toys.
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