The Five Websites: Genre: Wallstreet Protests

Definition of sphericule: "multiple publics that pursue their own discussions without reference to a single unified national or global 'public'" (Meyers, 24). Occupy Wall Street

The sphericule: written by a blogger present at the Wall Street protests for both readers who are present at the protests--a schedule of activities is included--and for those who are not.

Posting frequency: 1/day
Situational time: recovering events

Register: Protest. middle, first or second person, informal. The middle style uses more elaborate sentence structures (e.g. The occupation of Liberty Square is a symbol of the growing international movement fighting against neoliberal economic practices, the crimes of Wall Street and the resulting income inequality, unemployment, and oppression of people at the front lines of the economic crisis.) There is also the obvious use of pathos in the diction (e.g. fighting against neoliberal, crimes of Wall Street, oppression of people at the front lines of the economic crisis.)

Although the vast majority of the posts are informal, there is also a technicality to the prose; there are terms and phrases used, as well as acronyms, that the protesters would know (e.g. The drummers have been asked to stop drumming during quiet hours, to not drum during GA...) There is no use of GA (General Assembly) before the use of acronym, but the blogger does spell out it out each time after; this seems like an inversion of standard practices where the writer spells out the acronym first, and than uses the acronym thereafter.

Grammatically Incorrect: "Knowing that the neighborhood we built was important to our movement, occupiers reorganized the space and prepared for eviction defense, community board and local elects pressured Brookfield Properties, and local organizations and unions mobilized their members in defense of Liberty Square."

Stylistic markers:
Links: Anon_Ops Communications: website dedicated to "Internet Freedom"

The sphericule: directed at an audience interested in internet freedom and internet technology, as indicated by little gadgets that move across the screen. Libertarian leanings, with political adds for Ron Paul and emphases in photographs on Guy Fawkes masks.

Posting frequency: 1/day
Situational time: en media res
Register: middle, but tending toward plain. Use of second person (describing the protestors as "we" instead of "they") and the use of sentence fragments. Alarmist language and tendencies.

Stylistic markers:
Links: The Dissenter

The sphericule: written by a blogger present at the protests. The spherical seems to be college students or recent college graduates.

Posting frequency: 2/day
Situational time: re-covering events
Register: middle. Journalistic style with a few dips into first person, complete and simple sentence structure.

Stylistic markers:
Links: Wall Street Protests

The sphericule: more objective in nature: more like newspaper reportage. Directed at readers who are not present at the New York protests.

Posting frequency: sporadic 1/3-4 days.
Situational time: re-covering events
Register: Journalistic. Middle. Straightforward, grammatically correct sentence structure with few stylistic flourishes.

Stylistic markers:
Links: -- Wall Street Journal's Occupy Wall Street Blog

Sphericule: the upper and upper middle class, or those who have desires to be in the upper or upper middle class. Wall Street Journal readers: conservative Republicans, perhaps conservative Republicans sympathetic with the Occupy Wall Street cause.
Posting frequency: averages about once a day.
Register: middle. Straightforward and grammatically proper sentence structure with few stylistic flourishes.

Stylistic markers: Links:
Blog similarities
- All are topic based, focusing on the occupation of Wall Street protests in New York City.
- All have navigation bars along the top.
- The situational exigence for all the blogs is to keep readers updated on the Wall Street protests. Some blogs are sympathetic to the protesters, some are indifferent.

Blog differences
- AnonOps blog is anomaly; each other blog shows clock time and date for each blog post, whereas AnonOps groups all posts under day
- of the five blogs, only three host ads of some type; the two blogs that don't are the only .org blogs
- the Wall Street Protest blog is primarily an aggregator, compiling information from other blogs.
- The Dissenter and Wall Street Protests have no tag line; the others do.


The five blogs taken together show few commonalities as a whole, though the individual blogs show consistencies.
Text and Photographs

Again, there seem to be two camps. Those blogs written with a protest register seem to operate in a spericule composed of other protestors and those sympathetic to protestors. Those written with a journalistic register seem to be more broad based, with some focus placed on those antithetical to the protest movement.
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