This blog is humorous, quirky, and personal with a focus on zombies, survival, reviews of zombie related media and interesting tidbits. It is less gory then it could be, more cutesy really and funny. It is powered by wordpress and lacks ads

I would characterize the majority of the links in this blog as casual informational, and humorous. Many link to basic mainstream sites like Wikipedia for generic info, amazon for products, past posts, and a whole category of links to what I would call “fact is stranger than fiction” links. These links go to pages with zombie themed 5ks, knives marketed as zombie killers, houses built with the apocalypse in mind, a man tattooed to look like a cadaver, and an article about a Walking Dead billboard that had to be removed from the side of a funeral parlor. I did spot on link to another blogger and she does give credit to those who help her find links and other info on occasion.


I started looking at the links on this blog and the majority no longer work or go crazy places so I think we should switch blogs. I am still happy to get another one caught up but I spent some time searching and had trouble finding something I felt would work. Can we please spend time tomorrow finding an alternative? This is really more of a reminder to myself to talk to you guys about it :)

Part 1
Part 2
Posts 10/17/11 to 10/23/11
None of the links really show any wit. Quality of links is good (with exception of the broken link); none of the links lead somewhere other than expected (except maybe Rhiannon Frater's link to Twitter). Links don't violate quantity because the links are explained in the link context. The links are related to the topic of each post , except maybe the links in the 10/21 post, although they could still be related as they are explaining why certain people (like Kenemore) are important within the post. Nothing is unusual in the manner of linking, and there is little variation in the posts looked at. I don't really see any tropes being used, unless it is synecdoche because each link is part of whatever it is linking to.



Basic Description:
• Top page there is a zombie face with Zombies Are Coming as the header below the picture.
• Top navigation tabs running left to right: Home, About, Downloads, Readings, Shop, Contact.
• The scroll runs down the center, at the bottom of the page is a link to the next page of articles.
• To the right in column format (top down) are the following headings, under which are links to new websites: The Latest (newest articles), a search tab which only searches within the website (I typed in hot air ballons and oddly enough came up empty handed), Categories (their archive of sorts), Follow us on Twitter (emblem), Allies (links to related blogs and websites), Blogroll, Defend (additional links to zombie defense related information), Games, Resources, Shop, and Survivors.

• The creators of ZAC are hard to nail down exactly. Their literature notes that they are a group who started the website in 2007. On the scroll there are two names which consistently take credit for a post, ZACadmin, or Angryvikingman.

The Scroll:
• Runs down the center of the page.
• Postings are dated at the end of the article.
• Rather than simple comments and zombie jokes, these people are serious as each post is informative and details serious ways to survive a zombie attack.
• The general format consists of(top to bottom) a bold heading followed by picture/video, under which the information is provided with links embedded in the text to additional reading. Most of these post are quite long so after a few main clauses have been stated a embedded link (continue reading) takes the reader to the articles own page which repeats the above information but also has all of the comments posted by viewers.
• At the bottom of each article is the following information: Author, date submitted, file under (what category, embedded link), comments (also linked).

• There is not archive par say, but on the top left side, separated from the scroll, there is a list of the lastest ten articles. Below the archives is a new list of categories to find articles dealing with certain subsets such as Home Defense or Weapons. Rather than a archive the creators are creating a Zombie Defense Encyclopedia of sorts based upon topic rather than the date of posting.

Adds for Products:
• There are no obvious links or emblems to Amazon or other areas to shop, but much of this website is based on serious survival techniques for Z-Day (you can guess I am sure). The articles contain within them large amounts of links to products mean for this survival. The current first article in fact advertises for a brand of gun ammo.

In my opinion this website is by itself a spherical. It brings to its users a vast amount of information on zombie related topics, all with the stressed goal of survival. This idea of survival is expressed along a wide array of topics such as food preparation, zombie anatomy, weapons and home defense. There is even an article on underwater methods of survival. All of the supporting links relate to this topic. There is a sense of seriousness about the website even as they deal with fictional material that I feel creates a sense of community for those who don’t mess around with their zombie preparations.

Basic Genre- The website posits that zombie are in fact real and must be prepared for. Viewers I would have to imagine enjoy the level of seriousness the bloggers into their work. How they can be termed up into a genre I am still a bit curious about. The most basic genre is zombie related, but they take this to a new level.

• The major driving trope I find with this website is either Ellipsis or Enthymeme, I cannot decide decisively between the two. The argument and/or explanation that zombies are real is a supposition which is never explained in the website but simply expected to be understood.
• Allegory-Much of this website is built upon the driving theme of Z-Day. This could be a reference to the WWII Allied landings at Normandy (the most commonly known Letter-Day WWII reference) and/or in terms of many zombie movies, this is a reference to the day in which masses of zombies begin reaching havoc.

Use of Links:

Zombies are coming.
Spherical of ZAC-The article on pistols had a huge number of comments which we very serious, seems to be a sphere of people of enjoy shooting things and day dream of killing humanoids
but without the prison sentences (227 comments).
Adds/Links in text
• Embedded within the full readings of the articles are googleads for merchandise which is slightly related to the article.
o (16 comments) Hornady max ammo-airsoft guns
o (16 comments) Food preservation-ADD plastic packaging.
o (227 comments) Pistols in the Zombie Apocalypse-ADD 9MM won’t protect youclosecombattrainer.com.
o (67 comments) World War Z to the big screen-ADD repeat of 9MM won’t protect add.
o (9 comments) Run for your lives-training opportunity-ADD Zombiefy yourself
o Wait and Die-I don’t think so. LINK The Zombie Survival Guide daily calendar, while usually a great resource, dropped the ball the other day

Angryvikingman/ ZACadmin-
• links are always informative and lead to sites which provide additional information for products and or themes of the posts.
• To zombie related activities such as a 5k zombie run. Links are always portrayed as needed to prepare for z-day.
• At times lead to sites which they respect as serious zombie prep sites.

Unaffiliated posters.
• Vast majority of commenting links deal with information on what to have/use/do in case of Z-day.
• A very few post link to interesting, less serious links to zombie related movies (Food preservation article), (Best pistol for Z-day article) to accessories for zombie killing weapons.


Basic Description:
• Top of webpage is a graphic depiction of fire and zombie walking through it. Also included is the blogs name, Brian Douglas Moakley’s A WORLD ON FIRE, Zombie blog and book trilogy.
• Navigation tabs running left to right are: Home, The Books, Forums, Wallpaper, About the Author, Contact, a search tab with looks through the website only.
• Basic set up below the navigation tab has the scroll on the left side of the website taking up about two thirds of the page, to the right side in a top down column are the accompanying blogrolls and additional links.
• At the bottom of the page are the sections: Most Commented, Recent Articles, Tag Cloud.

• Brian Moakley is the only blogger for this website.

The Scroll:
• Basic format of the scroll has the name of the posting in bold at the top with a dotted line separating the heading and the blog entry, below this in smaller text is the date of the blog followed by a red link to the comments on the blog. If there are comments it will read something like: Four Comments. If there are no comments it will simply say: Comment.
• Each posting has a picture off set to the left of the scroll. Text begins on the upper right side of the photo and moves down, semi surrounding the picture. At the bottom of each entry is a red link which states: read the rest of this entry.
• At the top of the page Moakley begins with a video link (of which there is a still photo) to an older youtube video of a Bush parady. In which he admits to being lazy and digging up some old postings.
• Below this blast from the past sections are two headings, side by side, which seem to be a permanent staple before the general scroll begins. Starting on the left is, A World On Fire Status, in which the author give information on his zombie book and also provides links to excerpts from his book. To the right is a section titled: Other Zombie Project News, in which the blogger highlights other upcoming zombie books, activities, or movies of interest.
• Finally before the general scroll begins there is an add for another company (embedded emblem with text and picture) which links to a website which takes an uploaded photo and zombies it up.

Archives/Additional Links:
• The right side of the webpage contains the additional links such as blogrolls. Starting from the top they include: A world on fire facebook group link which has photos of some of its members, All Starts (highly recommended) which highlights some of the bloggers favorite websites for zombies, Writers (highlights other zombie authors of note), Zombie Blogs, Zombie Comics, Zombie Forums, Zombie Games, Zombie News.
• There is no archive much the same as the last website (zombiesarecoming.com) but there is a search tab for the website, and also a listing at the bottom of the page of recent articles, most commented on articles, and a tag cloud for all of the recent links created.

Adds for Products:
• There is one emblem style add for a photo modifying website which is situated right in the center of the website (hard to miss). Other than that many of the related links which the author placed in his blogroll and favorite website sections do support/advocate products for sellers of zombie products and also authors of zombie books.

• In contrast to zombiearecoming.com, this website gives viewers more information on zombie related events and interesting/funny news articles. The idea the zombies are real is next the main message of the website, but rather that they are fun and interesting. This creates a genre of those who enjoy zombies as an imaginative getaway spherical as it does focus heavily on zombie authorial and film productions, along with community zombie events.

Basic Genre:
• This is easier to spell out for this website. The is a zombie interest blog. Those who enjoy zombie books, merchandise, movies or community events rely on this zombie author to bring them some mention of upcoming zombie activities of note.
• Hyperbaton/Enallage-The tag cloud pulls embedded links from their source and places them in an unorganized jumble of links of differing font sizes. There they stand alone, out of context, but still usable for those who pick through sentence fragments which interest them.
• Climax-At the bottom of the blog, those articles which have been commented on the most are once again posted in order of most popular. Here popular articles posted in the chronological scroll are shown again, adding to their popularity.

Use of Links:


One interesting note for this website is that all of the links open up in a new tab rather than taking the viewer away from the website.

Major links on the right column of the blog, each indented bullet is a new category with links below bold writing.
• Three links to the blogger’s favorite zombie pod-casts.
• Links to the blogger’s favorite zombie authors with the links either taking a person to the author’s homepage or their personal blog.
• Links to the blogger’s favorite zombie blogs.
• Additional links to zombie comics, forums, games, and news.
All of these are links to outside sources of interest and enjoyment and give the blogger the chance to tell his blog followers what his favorites are in the online zombie enjoyment genre.

In-text post links
• All of the links I noted were incorporated within the text.
• The links to the viewer to other blogs and websites of interest.
• Generally links were used to provide additional information for the viewer on subjects. There was not any wit to be noticed, informative would be the best word for these links.
• There was one link which did take the viewer to a funny youtube video of a doctored press conference of President Bush.
• Some incorporated links were also found to link to past articles within the blogs archives.
• In one instance, an incorporated link did take the viewer to a CNN article about Woody Harlson attacking a cameraman who he thought was a zombie.

Overall structure of the links used in posting show the consistent use of incorporated links which primarily provide additional information on the topic of the post. These links take the reader to other zombie blogs, websites, and once to a CNN article. There was no wit used and very little humor.


Zombie Research Society Blog, Zombies are coming)
A spherical type commonality can be seen between the ZAC, Zombie Research Society and Blog of the Dead in which the idea of a zombies as real is never questioned, they are real and one must be ready.

Serious Spherical

  1. Zombie Research Society- Authoritative, informative, scientific, formal diction, serious about their information.
  1. Zombies Are Coming- Authoritative, informative, prepratory, formal diction, serious.
  1. Blog of the Dead- Authoritative, informative, informal diction (very abrasive), serious.
Enjoyment Spherical

  1. A World on Fire- Formal diction, personal to blogger, interest driven.
  1. Dont Eat My Brains- relaxed diction, personal to blogger, interest driven, reviews.

We ended up finding two relatively separate sphericules, the more serious sphericule and the more lighthearted sphericule of zombie blogs. Included under the more serious sphericule are the Zombie Research Society and Zombies Are Coming. Under the more lighthearted sphericule are Don't Eat My Brain and A World on Fire. The blogs in the serious sphericule are more concerned with the serious/logical aspects of zombies and how to survive if zombies were ever to attack. Their commenters also seem to take the topic far more seriously and will discuss the topic of the post in a more "civilized" manner (i.e.: very little to no flaming). The diction of a lot of posts in the serious sphericule seem as though they are trying to draw the reader into an argument/into the post (especially in posts concerning weaponry). The way the posts seem to draw the reader into an argument helps make the reader suspend their disbelief, particularly because the diction of the post acts as though what the post is saying is true (like that Zombies could have night vision).

The more lighthearted sphericule blogs have posts that are not so focused on the scientific or survival aspects of a zombie attack like in the more serious sphericule. The more lighthearted sphericule blogs may still have posts on the scientific or survival aspects of a zombie attack, but many of the posts are going to be about more entertaining things, like this post with a "helpful" flow chart. The comments are less serious and are more likely to be unrelated to the topic of the post.

The diction used in the blog the Zombie Research Society is very serious and is sometimes very similar to a news format. The style of posts tends to be plain, with very little flowery or ornamental language. They also tend to be written in the third person, particularly when explaining some new "scientific" evidence that zombies do exist or have existed. The register used is still very simple and normal even though many of the posts try to sound scientific. There are few posts that have any scientific jargon that would not be understood by the average person (or if there is, it is readily explained).

Register of ZAC-Serious spherical with the Zombie Research Society.

Much the same as the ZRS, ZAC diction comes to the reader with little flair and a level of factual formality which implies that their information should not be taken lightheartedly. Many of their articles are speaking for the future survival following Z-Day in which one will for example need to preserve food) after the fall of humanity.
The basic register of ZAC is encyclopedic. Articles are created to be taken as a matter of fact rather than exclamatory or comedic. This comes to the reader with a plain style of delivery. The most flashy aspect of the website is found in singular pictures which help illustrate the topic of the article. This style creates the tone of encyclopedic certainty, were the majority of the websites information is situated into categories meant for the viewer and organize their thoughts and preparations for the coming Z-day.

Register of aworldonfire.com-Enjoyment spherical with donteatmybrains.com

The blog of author Brian Moakely is much more personal than ZAC or ZRS while also having a bit more activity happening on the webpage. This can best be summed up as a middle style blog due to its personal nature as the blogger's works) are show, numerous image and video links, and the diction which stressed their basic opinion on zombie topics which is stressed not as fact but as a point of view. The register then is one of enjoyment and interest. Topics brought up are predominantly zombie activities, new movies and books, and comedic articles with a zombie spin.

Register of donteatmybrain.com-Enjoyment spherical

The blog Don't Eat My Brain is an entertaining blog. The register is casual and while there is some semi serious debate surrounding things like the speed at which zombies could be expected to move the majority of the blog is funny and offers links to zombie related oddities in the real world such as a line of zombie killer knives, images of houses that double as fortresses and zombie themed 5K's. The blog also does take the time to do basic reviews of zombie movies and books. The author uses humor to connect with the audience which makes it fun to read even for a non zombie enthusiast. The use of the non humor related links are strictly informational they link to very basic sites like Wikipedia and Amazon for info and items. One of my personal disappointments with the blog is that due to the presence of photos many of the comments for the posts are date invitations for the writer.

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