Describe the sites with a focus on elements typical of the weblogs, p 7. You're getting a sense of what seems to be common in the design of weblogs: elements and affordances. Refer to HandlistOfWeblogs for elements and terms.

Identify the genre of each weblog, if you can. Look for commonalities: columnar, chronological, advertising, not detail but stylistic markers), repeating metaphors within the common blogs.
Ch. 3 - Links

Then go on to consider the text in this genre. See what stylistic markers you can ID (p 19 Meyer, and Longaker Ch. 5) Jenny

My Single Mom Life

Audience: Single mothers
Layout and Style of Webpage:
* Looks like a journal with tattered paper and a Victorian style women at the top, representing a mother I assume.
*Two text boxes on the left and right handside of the webpage. Left hand side has the blog postings, right handside has promotional information and/or sponsers which include information about babies, beauty products, home cleaners, etc. And these topics link to pages offering more information.
* Very bottom of the left hand side text box has web links to advertising websites.
Style of Webpage:
*There is a direct clarity in the text. The blogger is speaking in a familiar language for her audience to understand and relate to. An example of this is:
* There is a lot of energy in the blog as the writer uses a lot of exclamation points and excitement in her postings to pull in the audience. An example of this is: Having a post titled, "I Will". The writer is positive and upbeat saying SHE WILL get the dishes done which shows positive/upbeat energy while also using a good sense of appropriateness in her language. She knows who her target audience is and she is speaking to: Other Mothers! But then there is inconsistencies in her attitude as she also posts about negative energy in her life and how she believes that Karma will hurt those who have hurt her, and her medical problems, etc. She almost shifts between positive blogs and negative blogs.
* There is distinctiveness in this blog. The writer blogs about subject matter that distinguishes herself from other blogs. These subjects include: Money troubles, being involved in a an accident/robbery, finding excitement in video games, finding time to relax and breath...
* Also I find it distinctive in the fact that there are tags after each posting with links to specific/relevant words used in the day's text. When I click on them I am brought to a seperate "Single mom life" page which lists the main topics discussed in each blog posting.
* The postings are in reverse chronological order and they aren't posted daily. Seems to be on a "as I feel like it" base.
* Language: Is informal. There is a sense of humor in the writers voice as she writes about all things that happen but no-body talks about: i.e. hating to do the dishes, money troubles, finding delight in video games, etc. The register is casual,humorous, honest and witty. The writer speaks in general terms for the audience to understand. There doesn't seem to be medical terminology or professional language, just "mom" language like: dishes, carpet powder, backpacks, video games, budgets, grocery shopping etc.
* Information: Is presented in generalized terms, and is geared towards both single moms and single woman of a certain middle age. I can allude to this because she blogs about "mom" problems, and also women issues with growing older, coping with not having to go school shopping for the kids anymore and finding pleasure in video games when older.

Similarities In Single Dad Sites

In both sites, there are a list of Archives. The Language is informal, the register is casual and the diction is relevant to the audience as it is inviting and clearly stated.

Differences in Single Dad Sites

There are far more differences between these two sites:
"Jesus Has Two Daddy's": Is geared towards not only offering parenting advice but also offering advise/information on being a homosexual dad and husband. This blog exhibits more personalized information instead of general information. The language has more whit and charm behind it, also written in a more professional/educated manor. There are no seperated categories in this blog, just listed enteries.
"Single Dad": Is geared more towards parenting advice and stories about his children. The information presented is more generalized and it is essentially presented through video imaging. The video's seem to be unscripted, but that the narrator had a plan of what he wanted to talk about. This blog has links to categories and also a commercial site. Anne
Ms. Single Mama
Tag line: Musings on life, love, and motherhood.
Banner across the top; ripped notebook page lists , Style is very casual
Some advertising: Chick Movies, Lingerie
Menu Bar beneath tag line : Home, About, Forum, Links, Contact
Column layout:
• Blog postings - Text on left column
• Pictures, videos, miscellaneous subjects in center column
• Also in center is past monthly postings
• Advertising on right side: Targeting women: Essure (birth control), other blog sites, BlogHer, and a foundation she supports
• Reverse chronological postings, relatively frequently
• Ironically, as soon as we chose this website, she decided to take a break. Evidently she is in a new relationship and has chosen not to make it public.
• Primarily advertising on the right side.

Audience is other single mothers, specifically targeting independent, strong mothers who are not necessarily interested in marrying or marrying again. Interesting note: throughout the summer she repeatedly states she isn’t looking for a husband, doesn’t particularly want or need a boyfriend, then by October she is leaving her blog to pursue a new relationship! Women are so fickle. I don’t know how men can hope to understand us when we don’t even understand us!

Links: Very straightforward, obvious

Linking With: The linked text shows the address of where the link will actually take the audience. Most of them are not covert in any way. One link I discovered had the text of the link as this girl thinks, and the actual link led to a website called

Link Action: The majority of links are telling more by taking the audience to another, related site. One link read “your new leaf necklaces” and the hyperlink actually takes you to the Shop Menu of the website.

Style: Casual, yet intelligent. Uses complete sentnces and, for the most part, proper grammer. Not overly intellectual, yet a highly urban style with direct, clear language. I.E. It had been a particularly rough week in our house. There were six of us after all and my mother and he had been fighting about something. I can’t remember what, most likely something to do with the logistics of raising six humans.

Figures of Speech: I’m not sure but I believe this to be an example of Periphrasis (circumlocution) Yes, I love being in love. Yes, I love love. Yes, I believe in love. Yes, I have met the man of my dreams. And yes, I will may be a fool.

Praeteritio: Example 1 (She says she's crazy in love but doesn't want to talk about him) After meeting him, my first reaction was to tell all of you – and quickly – that you must…I am sure not all of us get to experience in a lifetime. I am choosing to keep things where they belong – between he and I. I need to be completely and absolutely selfish and just enjoy my privacy
Example 2: That last post:...I had to delete it because I wasn’t supposed to tell you what I told you. More later. All of us should comment on this one.

Petra- The main part of this blog is video centered. The text is minimal with video posts taking the place of text posts. It is a collection of videos, ranging from ametuer to slightly professional. It is a collection of shared information target to a community of single male parents. It is most certainly personal. Rather than one contributing author, there are many (again, it's a community). The posts are dated, the most recently posted ones being at the top and the rest in chronological order.

Anne: Site layout is more masculine – because it is directed at fathers, duh. Menu across the top, to the right of the blog logo which is Single dad.
Tag line: Make life happen… Again (ellipses)
Menu to the right : Features, Topics, Our Community, Store. Clean layout, easy search features. Again, very clear, concise to appeal to the male psyche.
Search bar located in upper right corner .

Left column contains listing for monthly archive posts and Menus by topic.
Very few outside links.
Center column are videos, which is primarily what this blogger posts. Advertising across the top and to the right of the video posts.

Listed below all the video posts is a mission statement and links for informational items such as
• About Us
• Tour
• Staff
• Letter from our Founder
• Etc.

Jenny: Website layout is professional easily accessible. It's very informative and asks questions on the side text boxes for fathers to click on to recieve additional information. In the body of the website we are presented with mainly video blogs for the audience, single dads, to view. The blogs are presented in reverse chronlogical order, and are not posted daily, but close. To the left of the body of the site, is a text box which lists the archives and categories of the subject matter explored. When scrolling to the bottom of the page we are presented with Links to sign up information and About us information for fathers to follow and use. Sabrina

Single Parent Dad

Audience: Parents.
Top of Page:
Banner with title of page, "Single Parent Dad". Banner includes stick figures that move and flash across the banner.
Left of page: Sidebar explaining who blogger is: About Me, Ian Newbold, brief history, link to blogger's complete profile, contact information, followers, blog archive.
Middle of page: Blog posts in reverse- chronological order, with most recent posts first. The date first, the title, then the bog post. There are pictures within the posts, there are also Facebook/Twitter tool bars so that you can easily share the link on your profile.
Right of Page: Advertisements, picture widget and a list of links to other weblogs title "Go Here Too". List of resources, list of sponsors, followed by more ads.
There is a Flikr Widget displaying photos.
The text is broken with photos, links and advertisements. The photos generally have something to do with a corresponing text.

Links: There are links everywhere on the page. On the left there are archives and members, on the right there are facebook and Twitter, advertisements and a list titled 'Go Here Too'.

Linking With: Facebook and Twitter pages of the blogger, pages he deemed similar to his own and has made easily available.
Links to link with other members.

Link Action: Links take you to other pages, archives, members, etc.

Style: The style is very casual, personal. He is telling stories to get him through the day. The diction of his text seems to be English and makes me place him somewhere in the UK. ('Favourites')

Figures of speech: He makes off- the- wall comparisons; " Gestapoesque questioning' when talking about being asked something simple like what his favorite color is. I think this is an example of hyperbole; overexaggeration. Petra
The links throughout the blog posts are permalinks. He does embed video which play right on the page rather than redirecting to a new tab or window. He does list his most popular posts along the right side of the screen, stacked on top of each other. Beneath these, he lists the blogs that he reads and follows and his about me section, also organized in a vertical column style. The heading of his about me section does take you to a new page that has all of his information.

The audience of the blog is everyone. He writes about his family, his career and himself. The posts geared toward the parenting aspect are shared stories about his family.
-One article in particular spoke about the adoption of his son. He writing is very personal (diary like) and it does give some insight into subjects that an adoptive parent may have to deal with but it is not neccessarily a blog to go to learn about the adoption process works or general adoption information. The title of the adoption article is called 'Joys of Adoption' and it is meant to be ironic because the article itself is an account of his husband and he were awaiting the results of their adopted sons AIDS test.

-It is a mixture of logos, pathos and ethos, depending on the post. Some posts are news articles, some are personal manifestos, and some are commentary. There are happy posts as well as serious posts and several in between. { 'The joys of adoption' , 'Zombie vs. Baby' , 'Gay family values' - about adoption issues, a funny photo and a documentary about a non traditional values}
-The language style of the article is clarity. His correct use of grammer, sentence structure and diction are present in every article. The fact that he is a college professor is very apparent. His writing in his blog post often include metephors and similies to add a visionary subtext. 'I never expected this to happen this way. After dodging the HIV bullet for three decades, I thought for sure that it would be me that would be positive and not my adopted son' At the same time, he does use very informal language. { 'WTF people?'}
Profane diction {'Really, who the fuck lives in Alaska? Even the penguins have said no to that mess.'}
Use of Irony in the language: Post 'Yes, we're terrible parents and we allow our children to be terrorized by Zombies.'

This is a personal web page with some elements of politic phamplet. There is one author, Tom McMillen+-Oakley, who is an artist, a professor, a husband with a same sex partner and the father of two adopted children. It is a personal page because it is updated quite frequently and gives the reader diary-like posts that range from personal taste in music, being a gay man and being a dad. It does have a strong element of political statements, mostly geared towards parenting in the GLBT communities. He does provide links in certain posts but not all. He offers the readers pictures (one of his focuses in his art is photography) which provide the viewer visuals into his world. The very top of his blog is a family photo and directly underneath it, are the posts. To the right of the posts, there is a column that includes his biography and 'about me' section. He does also provide links to other sites that may have more info pertaining to his specific posts and he does post, to the very very right of the page, links to the blogs that he follows regularly and popular posts. His older posts are archived and the do go in chronological order, the most recent post being at the top. It is distinction style. His text is witty, clever, expressive and personalized. He inserts his own photography into many posts which shows his inviduality and ornmantation. There are numerous comments from viewers undearneath posts.

Similarities-About section of single dad is in the footer wheras the other websites, it is generally in the header. Commercial site. Links are an action (click on the title of post, opens video.) Single dad and jesus has two daddies have a casual register. Informal language. They are sharing tips to a community. The other ones are more diary like entries. Lack of comments, lack of links. Has topics separated by categories. Informal language in most videos. Gradient (shading of color scheme) Less ornamentation with page design compared to other (female?) blogs about parenting. In our opinion, we see the adverstising as gender specific. An example would be the food advertisement picture { dad cooking for kid} and money {credit cards}

Daughter/dresses- discussing parenting failure. Daughters dress was too short for her awards ceremony indian style...loser parent...parenting fails....dads will talk about it the way that dads will talk about it in his area. Humerous, age oriented, class. similarties to other blog posts; shifted to the language of parenting. 'bonds' 'shoulda woulda coulda' instead of should have, could have, would have. Presenting story with a lesson learned. Lack of eye contact. Dog shampoo- nervous. different narrative voices. great odor, great fragrance. Familiar language, use of directness. Alot of energy, humerous.

Irony in all of them. He used dog shampoo and liked it (irony) Talking to the dog like it is human, like she actually put her shampoo in the shower (irony, humor)Irony- both poke fun at themselves and their parenting adventures. loser dad', 'i cant' even talk'. Both humerously complaining but enjoying their role as single dad. Down in the dumps' not much of a gourmet chef'

The links on single dad to each video are action links, as you click on them you are directed to the video but doesnt start until you press play. PERMALINKS. Talking about recipes as relatable to other dads.

Commercial blog; created advertisement with his kids for the 'bill my parents' sponsor. partner links with business partnerships. Some of the links pertain only to single men in general, not. dads specifically
Hemancipation: A guise for guys Hookers!!!
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