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**Description of Page**
The background of the "Mexico City:An Opinionated Guide" weblog is a pale blue/grayish color. At the top, the banner is a dark blue, rounded corner, shadowed rectangle with light blue colored text. There are on pictures in the banner, only text. The title of the blog is bigger than the other text. The title also has a shadow to it. Below that, about 2/3 of the left side is white with dark Arial-type font. The other 1/3 is light blue with dark, all capital, Arial-type font. In the box there is also a picture, which is green, red and yellow city-scapes with text. Below that is a white box with a picture of a man and dark text below it. The text appears to be a short paragraph of about 4 or 5 sentences. there is no indenting for the paragraphs.
On the left side are sections, or the posts. The title is bold, capital letters, and dark Arial-type font. the date of the post is above the title in blue Arial font, all capital letters. About two paragraphs are shown for all posts, or all the post. The title of each post is a link to the full post. there are some pictures in some posts. At the bottom of each post is a think blue box with the posting date and time and there is a link to leave comments.
At the bottom of the blog in a big dark blue box with links to other blogs and another picture similar to the one of the city-scapes at the top of the page. The text is light and Arial-type. Below that is a box and button to submit a subscription to the blog.

**Characterization of Page**
The layout of the page is consistent throughout. Each post is similar in text, length, and appearance. Each post is shown in its entirety. The posts are short. The pictures that accompany some of the posts are bright and eye catching.

**Description of Content** (Posts from 2009)
Each post is short varying from a small caption of a picture to a few short paragraphs. Each blog focuses on something of Mexico. Some talk about the blog itself. A post about the Metro describes how familiar the subway is to that of New York where the blogger is originally from. It also talks about the vendors and musicians who are at the subway trying to sell things. Another is about Burma and the face paint the women an children use as makeup/sunscreen. One post describes how Mexicans feel about the economic crisis compared to Americans.

**Characterization of Content**
The posts are engaging and focused on Mexico City. Jim Johnston, the blogger, talks about his experiences in Mexico City. Some posts start focused on one subject but tend to go on to focus on something else. The post about the Metro start out about Jim's comparison of the New York City Metro and the Metro of Mexico City. Then he goes on to talk about the vendors and what he bought while looking at them. He ends with talking about learning new things from only paying two pesos for riding the metro. He doesn't go into depth about any of the subject he posts about. In a recent post he even add a link to a different blog instead of going into more depth.

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