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This blogger and rhetor has been consistently making posts to the Pure Coffee Blog for nearly three years. Each member of our group will be reviewing one year's worth of posts and selecting six posts over the course of each year to more closely analyze. The division of material works like this






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Blogging as a Social Activity, Nardi, Schiano, and Gumbrechet. pdf.
Object-oriented Activity in Blogging
  1. Update others on activities and whereabouts
  1. Express opinions to influence others
  1. Seek others’ opinions and feedback
  1. “Think by writing”
  1. Release emotional tension






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Beth and Bri - just set up some basic stuff and set up some new pages so we don't walk on each other's work.... Wayne
Thanks, Wayne. This is a great start! I'll be adding my stuff on Tuesday--Beth
I like this blog and I am looking forward to some eRhetoic tomorrow. Maybe Bill holds the secret to consistent blogging - ALOT OF COFFEE!
I agree! I'm glad we chose this one. I'd kind of like to meet this guy, maybe we should invite him to Bemidji! B 3/4

Hey guys! Got a response from Bill today!:
Very cool, I'm adding this to our analysis page (BJ)

"Good to hear from you. I've never had the blog formally used for academic research so I must say I would be very intrigued to hear/see the final study (and if it has unflattering things, no worries).

So, the reason I do a lot of travel is for many purposes; some professional, some personal and others completely random. I wish I could do a lot more traveling purely for coffee purposes but unfortunately, money is tight these days.

Why there's so little in the about me section on the blog is actually done for two reasons: one is that I tell bits and pieces in each post i write and the other is to keep my profile down so that I can still peruse coffee places unnoticed so to keep it objective.

And the lack Minnesota posts is simply that I've not had anything pull me there recently but hopefully, that will be rectified soon.

Hope these satisfy your curiosity and I hope your assignment does well."

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