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===**Analysis**===(Posts from 2009)

-"as well as more unusual things like a conference on science fiction"
- Ni modo-"which roughly translates as 'whatever'."
- "there's no such thing as a one-page business letter in Mexico."

-"the //Museo Universitario de Contemporaneo// is the hottest new thing on the art scene here" - not really 'hot'
- "//Luz y Fuerza//, Mexico's mammoth, beaurocartic utility company" - mammoth as in extinct animal, refering to its size

-"The monthly magazine __INSIDE MEXICO__ calls itself the 'The English speaker's guide to living in Mexico'." - can't actually call itself something

Visual Imagery:
-Pictures are visual images
-"distorts the truth"
-"connect you directly to the blog itself where you can see the entire post"
-"the jacarandas are in bloom"
- "a new birth certificate showing their new sex"
- "Next time you find yourself in a conversation about how backward and third-world Mexico is, think of this."
- "Mexico City's metro system is smaller than New York's but cleaner, quieter, faster, and cheaper."
- "few inches shorter than me and a few shades darker"
- "any real concern gets buried somewhere in the middle"
- "the sun still shines"
- "a dot on the nose, an imprint of a leaf on the cheek"

-starts a lot of sentences with "I" in some blogs

-"my message is missing"


__Patterns of Repetition__
-Uses words and phrases like Mexico and Mexico City many times throughout blogs
- In many of the posts, there are links to other blogs or websites
- talks about his and his partner's books and newspaper articles repeatedly
- "The Mysteries of Blogging" - posts about blogging site sending emails of posts

__Anomalies to Patterns__
-There is one big anomaly in the 2009 posts. The blog is about Mexico City but one post in January focuses on Burma and what women and children use as makeup and sunscreen.

__Patterns of Relationships__
-talks about blogger's book and newspaper articles
-uses links in many posts
-all posts are short - 1-2 paragraphs on average

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