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The Place to Be
The relationship between the images, texts and featured links on this tab argue that Bemidji State's link to nature and 'old' values are what sets it apart from other universities. The "be" words on the box in this pane are meant to inspire, and show that BSU has everything a normal university has to offer and more. The nature picture shows the school's relationship to the lake and outdoors, but many of the 'be' statements are fairly ordinary for school's to offer. They offer individuality, success, fun, comfort, and awareness of the world. The green color in this pane suggests nature, but is also calming, and nothing really jarrs the senses when looking at this pane.

Be Aware
The yellow color immediately grabs my attention, especially after reading the prior pane. It isn't jarring, but very set apart from another very nature based pane. This suggests to me that the wording inside is vital, as it is a darker shade of the same yellow. THe pane is showing that bemidji State is current with the fossil fuel problems, alluding once again to its ties to nature. I think the overarching idea of this pane is that Bemidji State is on the bandwagon for green energy, and since it has established the 'nature' aspect of the campus on pane 1, this clearly shows they are targeting people that care about nature. It could also be an angle they are playing, however, since being 'green' and environmentally friendly is becoming such a hot topic. The tabs on the right side of the graphic are about being named a green power partner and getting a sustainable endowment from Ottertail Power Co. These sit right in with the idea of being a green, environmentally friendly university.

Be Real
This pane is digging into the more traditional reasons that people go to school, namely to lead successful careers. This pane not only addresses the education aspect, but brings in the community and business aspects of life as well. The three links on the side support this, as they are about a service day, the school's impact on the local economy, and BSU getting a grant for building a student driven community service center. The picture shows what I assume is a professor explaining something to a student, who looks thoughtful. The picture is to show the relationship between the two, and is set in what at first appears to be a quiet, library setting. The color of this pane is blue/green overall, and is bright and cheery, no doubt to seem open and approachable.

Be Global
This pane shows that BSU is open to all ethnicities, and indeed the world. This is not just about people, but new ideas technologies. The featured links are about a chinese professor, an international studies program, and one for the native american resource center. These show that the school has more to offer than just nature friendly, traditional ideals. By showing that the school is accepting of all cultures and creeds, BSU pushes for another reason it is a good place to be/go. This picture is of a native american man in ceremonial dress, which I take to be showing again the idea that cultural diversity is not just accepted in this place, it is celebrated.


Website Project Continued

The language on this page is mostly latinate in the paragraph on the left. The links are labeled "links, contact us, resources, related links." Under these are lists of other links, grouped under these categories. Below this is a series of links to articles, about things like "linden hall ribbon cutting", and "Jerry Winans receives award." The text on the left side of the page is in bold print, and covers bemidji state from both an online and traditional coursework point of view. The banner at the top is of a park in the fall season, and on the right it is of several people playing trombones with "BSU" on a sleeve covering the slide. Int he middle of these two pictures the "be" statements carry over from the homepage. The main white one in the middle of them all changed to "Be you".

The text on the left of this page is much the same construction as the first one, with latinate words dominating it. It stresses the relationships that can be built through this university exclusively, as well as the academics at BSU themselves. The links on the right side of the page read, "links, schedules and calenders, colleges and schools, and resources." Below these are another series of links to articles, this time about the same things as on the last page. The text on the left side is again in bold print, but there is a link to "statewide system of higher education" in red/brown font color in the first line. The banner at the top shows a student with an 'excited' expression and on the right side shows a view of one of the campus buildings. The "be" statement has changed to 'Be Wise".

Campus Life
The language on this page on the left is broken into two paragraphs, and seems to contain more anglosaxon words than the previous two pages. The links on the right are "events on campus, visitor information, and recreation." Again, the links below this about "latest news" are the same. The text on the left is bolded, split into two paragraphs, and talking about themany ways to be active and live on campus. The banner at the top of the page has changed to "be active" for the 'be' statement, with a picture of a student with a bicycle on the left, and the trombone players from the first page on the right.

This page is different than the previous ones. The text on the left is a tiny paragraph, mostly made of mixed language between latinate and anglo saxon. Dominating this page are a series of links below everything that have the offices on campus listed from "a-z." On the right side of the page there are still links, but they are to art exhibits opening and coming events. The banner at the top of the page shows a body of students outside on the left, the 'be' statement of "Be Linked" in the middle and a picture of a campus building with the "bemidji state" arch above it.

Alumni & Foundation
This page is more like the first three. It has a block of text on the left, consisting mostly of latinate words in one giant paragraph. The links on the right are for "links, resources, involvement." Thel links below this are about the latest news again, and below that is a list of events coming up. In the text on the left they talk about giving a gift that will fund bemidji state in the future, for the alumni foundation. The picture at the top of the screen has fall picutres, one is of the mascot during a football game carrying a BSU banner; the other is of students walking through a scenic fall picture.

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