Wanda Synstelien

I am not a huge fan of technology or online courses but I wanted to take this course in particular so here I am. I am an English professor at IHCC and I have a couple masters degree and a PhD. My interests are in making myself a better teacher for my students. However, it is challenging as their needs are pragmatic and diverse at once. In fact, often the only thing they do have in common is that they want pragmatic skills. This course will perhaps help me be a better teacher for both my face to face students as well as with my online only students which, as I said, I am not a huge fan of.


I live in Chaska, MN and have four children. I am a single mother so in addition to working full time as faculty member, I also have two other jobs and am taking fifteen credits this semester. I enjoy being busy, as you can see. Still, if I could, I would only teach. It is perhaps the best job in the world and I am reminded of that whenever I am working my other jobs. My interests, as a result, really lies in becoming better at the best job in the world. The students deserve someone at the top of their game and that is what I am working toward.

email: wsynstel@yahoo.com

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