Rice , MIT and BSU Homepage Analysis

On Rice University's homepage, there are a few ethos that pop out to me instantaneously. These include: Rice University's logo of RICE and the emblem of the three owls, and the address and phone number of the school that is located at the bottom of the webpage as a footer. These are ethos, because we can trust that these are legitament facts about the school. The same ethos apply to MIT's homepage. The MIT logo and the information regarding the school's phone number and address can be accepted as true. Bemidji State University's homepage also has all of these characteristics with the addition of the green pine tree top border which shows that this school is in the north woods; this applies to the character of the school.

I think that the pathos of Rice University consists in the pictures and testimonies of success stories that came out of the previous alumni of this institution. I believe this because the pictures and scrolling affirmations make you feel good, and allow us to feel that going to their university will be fun and beneficial. The pathos for MIT University are a little more hidden. I immediately just see them in the picture of the ten kids in the circle, and no where else. This picture allows me to feel like anybody can attend MIT, and those who are students are very happy to be part of the MIT community. The news and events of this website also allow me to feel that as a student I would be part of the community and RICE university's homepage also does this as well. MIT adds in the playful aspect of having the images of the people taking photos with a hidden image of MIT in each of the four characters taking the photos. (If you click the refresh button, you seen a different character taking a picture) Bemidji State University's pathos consist of many scrolling pictures of students and the BSU community as soon as you enter their homepage. This allows me to feel connected to the student body and the BSU community right off the bat. The pictures of students are upbeat and happy creating a picture of fun for the students who attend their university. So although the school offers a serious education, it also offers a fun, upbeat way of life is what I am lead to believe.

The Logos is an appeal to reason...so both Rice and MIT's websites are compartmentalized. They are in order. The piping on the MIT homepage appeals to science. The Artistic proofs in the Rice website are shown in.....Right away on Rice's homepage there is inartistic proofs in the scrolling testimonies on the body of the website. There is also inartistic proofs in the These testimonies give claim to accomplishments by alumni of Rice University. MIT doesn't quite have inartistic proofs, but they do have....
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