• stand outside the rhetorical exchange
  • use neutral language
  • address content and context

to further your description, make some notes on
  • what's left out? What's not mentioned that could be?
  • what's emphasized, and how
  • what kind of prose this is

other sites

University Home Pages Project

Drafted 6 Sep 2011

Target Sites

We're going to look at how a few university home pages function rhetorically - that is,

What elements rhetors use to persuade viewers to do what, and how they use them, in university home pages.

Genre notes
Home pages
- the construction of a public ethos using web elements (design, images, links, web based text, heads, information of updates, visual signals), and text

How to proceed

Part 1: Systematically describe
refer to Stoner, chap 3 handout

Record your thinking. That is, make notes as you work.

Later, you'll return to your notes to develop the description a little further.

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