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=====Patterns We See in Both Sites=====
University Logo/Name in left of header
search bar right of headed
same type of information on footer
header and footer similar background color
similar links and information

=====Analyzing =====
They both have the university genre, appeal to reputation
Both web pages are current and trustworthy, updated regularly
MIT logo on the chemistry equipment
MIT is unconventional appeals to character

Both use images to appeal to pathos in different ways
Rice shows people, appealing to the sympathetic nature of people
MIT is constantly change, could be untrustworthy to some
appeals inquisitive side
Rice has a traditional color scheme that has an appeal, colors are artistic
the use of language with pathetic appeal, the language has an appeal to emotions (initiatives, impact)

Rice-The statement that they are unconventional, they are unique, through organization we infer they are just a traditional college, may have an ulterior motive, is unsuccessful
MIT- we infer that they are unique because they are set up differently, they are set up different than the traditional model, more successful, more specific audience in my mind

=====Inartistic Proofs=====
use of color
MIT appeal is artistic, the color itself is inartistic, each color suits the theme that changes frequently
the picture starts inartistic and then someone puts an argument to it and it becomes artistic

=====Patterns of Repetition=====

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