Rice uses people and photographs; MIT uses graphics and non-humans
E: Dark blue
"Know More"
both P and L: Unconventional Wisdom, heavy use of the word "unconventional"
E: Academic format of page.
E: copyright provides legitimacy
use of organic, natural settings.
pattern of using social media
pattern in "who knew"appeals to pop culture, photographs cropped in such a way to hint at a keg, party, relaxed--cafes
anomaly: oder man in a series of photographs showing students and student projects
menus arranged with a pattern of highest utility
use of + and @ in, and only in, the left hand, mathematical column

E: school colors
P: arrangement in mathematical columns: stress on mathematics and technology
E: events are academically related
P: use of garish, artificial, unnatural colors
P: use of catchwords: cancer, diversity, global
pattern of basic, simple structure: P: technology is easy to use
pattern of daily change: P: technology is easy to use
pattern of immediacy: no history, and stress on words like "today" and "tomorrow"

comparison between Rice and MIT
difference in search bar, MIT with options
Rice organically focused, MIT more technologically based
Rice focuses more on campus life and entertainment, MIT on academics and technology
Rice is more pathetic; MIT more ethos and logos
MIT's uses more artificial colors; Rice more natural colors
MIT uses geometric, straight edged shapes, Rice uses more rounded, organic shapes. With MIT, there is no coloring outside of the boxes.
MIT menus overlay the image; they do not in Rice. Captions in Rice do overlay the images.
Omission of humanity in MIT website; omission of technology in Rice website.
Omission of bars, restaurants, social places on both sites.
No email addresses are included on either site.
MIT stresses the future, not the past; Rice stresses the past, not the future.
Rice has more visible menus for prospective audiences; MIT's are harder to find.
MIT's links are horizontal: Rice's are vertical
Rice appeals to parents; MIT does not.
Rice uses big language: unconventional, audacious. MIT uses very spare language.
the Rice page has movement; MIT does not.
Rice has more of a multicultural appeal; MIT does not.
MIT is more spare in description; Rice begins descriptions with verbs and action, MIT with academic terms.
Much less prose on the MIT site than on the Rice site.

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