A very very very rough draft of notes: completely unorganized at this point.

Aside from changing feature stories and headlines, school page has minimal change. It is a stable and comfortable site.
School crest, color scheme. Displays feeling of school pride using the school colors. The use of an owl throughout the page (school crest, owl in slideshow). School is steeped in tradition.
Rice has many images throughout page, creating a humanistic, traditional feel.

Movement of page shows diversity, it has more to offer.
News Feeds promotes school. Activities and feature stories all pertain to the Rice community specifically.
Calendar of Events feature more human faces

Centennial Campaign: False deixis, It is an audacious notion.
A featured story about Astronauts include an image that shows actual astronauts which are animate objects.

Footer: Social connections (facebook, twitter) are artistic proofs.


News Feeds are geared towards larger picture, outside of MIT.
The informal language and writing style of a web page of a prestigious university
No movement, bare essentials, compact, no redundancy
Ethical petitions: MIT layout is very compact. Small vertical lines (pipes) separate text and also give the impression of binary, or engineering type language.

An image on MIT of the beakers and gavel symbolize science and Judges. It is the image for a featured news story about science and judges. Instead of showing human faces, it shows inanimate objects.

Footer, featuring social connections (facebook, twitter)is an inartistic proof.

Rice uses slogan "unconventional wisdom" and MIT uses "inventional wisdom using an attention grabbing phrase. MIT is more cutting edge whereas rice is more traditional.
MIT is new, cutting edge, advancing, changing daily.

Although Rice attempts to use rhetoric to show ' unconventional wisdom', while delving deeper into the website, it provokes nearly the exact opposite. So we've uncovered a contradiction in the aim of the rhetor.

MIt news features are about research contributing to the world, wheras rice is about things happening AT rice. Ethos appeal.
MIT/Rice conections to the social sites are inartistic, as real as the MIT google search bar.

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