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Two Spam Email Project

Exhibits: Two Spam Emails: David Dixon and Robert S Mueller, distributed in class

These two email messages patently don't succeed in persuading. We're not interested in why they don't persuade - that's pretty obvious. Your task is to address this question:

What rhetorical strategies do these rhetors use in their attempts to persuade?

How to Proceed

Describe: both messages, as well as the rhetorical situation set up in each message. You'll need to get in close enough to see the rhetorical situation is being defined: what position the rhetor is placing the reader in. Take a strategy to help you describe. Keep going until you can characterize the message and rhetorical situation pretty well in a couple of rough paragraphs.

Analyze: using classical rhetorical concepts, including

You're looking for patterns here, so refer to the text for some of the possible sets of patterns you might look for.

Both of the messages use more than one appeal, so you'll need to consider how they are used.

Interpret: by composing your own spam email. Your goal in your email is to either

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