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Two Spam Email Project

Exhibits: Two Spam Emails: David Dixon and Robert S Mueller, distributed in class

These two email messages patently don't succeed in persuading. We're not interested in why they don't persuade - that's pretty obvious. Your task is to address this question:

What rhetorical strategies do these rhetors use in their attempts to persuade?

How to Proceed

Describe: both messages, as well as the rhetorical situation set up in each message. You'll need to get in close enough to see the rhetorical situation is being defined: what position the rhetor is placing the reader in. Keep going until you can characterize the message and rhetorical situation pretty well in a couple of rough paragraphs.

Analyze: using classical rhetorical concepts, including

Both of the messages use more than one appeal, so you'll need to consider how they are used.

Interpret: by composing your own spam email. Your goal in your email is to either

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