We decided to look at celebrities on twitter. What we want to look at is how these celebrities address their audience and the ethos that these messages contain.The three celebrities were chosen because of their different tweeting styles. The celebrities are:

We think we will find out that these celebrities use different techniques to build ethos with their followers and fans on twitter.

Ashton Kuetcher


1st: "My goal today is to make a new friend"
9:24 am Apr 1st via Brizzly

2nd: "If we all follow 1 person from another culture, country, language & make effort 2 translate them, we can rewire the global peace process"
4:29 pm Apr 15th via Brizzly

3rd: "watching man vs. wild this guy just ate rabbit droppings love this show"
6:48 pm April 17th via Brizzly

4th: "@carlysug what language is your tweet in?"
about 10 hours ago (10:05 am Apr 27th) Via web

#1 This builds positive ethose because it shows people that he cares. It also wants to make followers keep up with him to see what they can do to be noticed by him to become Ashton's new friend.

#2 Ashton is building positive ethose on this tweet by showing his followers that he is not self-involved and wants to get to know other cultures. Ashton is not only saying that but he came up with an idea of how we can do that. Putting that type of message with a possible solution shows that Ashton is truley concerned about this.

#2 & #4 Ashton is actually putting his tweets into action. He is reaching out to other people who speak different languages.

#3 Shows that Ashton is a normal guy who likes to watch people on television as well. This builds positive ethos because Ashton is relating to everyday people with a show. He is showing that he is interested in things that his followers may be interested in. This may also be a good way of advertising for the show. Followers might start to get interested and want to go look up the show to see what he is talking about.

* Ashton uses different venues to send his tweets, these include:

Taylor Swift


1st: "Today I found a swivel chair in the loading dock and spun around for a long time."
11:48 pm Mar 31st via Echofon

2nd: "I rode in an elevator with a guy who was whistling the tune of 'this is the song that never ends' Putting that on me? Come on dude.."
4:00 pm Apr 5th via Echofon

3rd: "I just drove past Brad Paisley jogging down the side of the road. I rolled down the window and screamed RUN FORREST RUN. I live for.."
12:50 pm Apr 18th via Echofon

4th: "...little moments.."
12:50 pm Apr 18th via Echofon

5th: "...like that."
12:50 pm Apr 18th via Echofon

#1 Reflects on her age and maturity level. However, this is important to her fans because that was a highlight of her day. Followers want to be updated on facts like that because its something they can only find out from twitter and she is writing it.

#2 Builds positive ethos by connecting/relating with her audience and showing them that awkward moments happen to famous people too.

#3-5 is a great example of ethos with her audience. the "I live for... little moments...like that." are lyrics from a famous Brad Paisley's "little moments" song. Paisley who is another big name in country music, has worked with Swift before. Swifts fans would most likely know that these are lyrics from Paisley because of this, and they would probably joking aspect to it too.

*Taylor uses

Tom Hanks


1st: "Need a mascot for our fake East Valley Comm College. Ideas? Pg-13! Hanx"
12:44 pm Apr 1st via web

2nd: "Hey! We have a mascot thanks to Twitter. See movie for winner. Hanx"
10:08 am April 13th via web

3rd: "LARRY CROWN- 1st day- 1st shot. too late to quit. Hanx"
9:52 am Apr 21st via web

4th: "Action on the set of Larry Crowne!!! Hanx"
3:03 pm Apr 23rd via web

#1 Tom Hanks is self promoting and engaging his follow to help him out with a project. This is significant because hollywood is being influenced by twitter by Hanks request.

#2 This is a response to him having picked a mascott from his followers ideas and is thanking them for their help. This is building positive ethos because it makes the followers feel appreciated and brings them closer to Hanks.

#3 This is a tweet to keep his followers updated on the events in his life. Larry Crown has to do with the movie he is working on. This is building positive ethose because not only did he let his followers know that this is what he is working on but he provided a pic with him on the set as well. This gives the fans more information then just saying what he is doing and people like description.

#4 This build positive ethos with his followers because he is keeping them informed on what he is up to along with showing them little bits of the process of making a movie. This type of information is right from Tom Hanks and you cannot get from tabloids or anywhere else.

Hanks uses the web when he tweets, he also posts more picures through 'twitpics' than he actual has web posts.

Sagolla Notes

Sagolla talks about rhetoric throughout the book quite a bit in relation to Twitter. There are many different elements that go into having an effective twitter account and creating ethos along the way. Sagolla mentions a few key suggestions to enforce in your account to make build ethos and make it effective.

Sagolla first states that you need to build you repertoire. This is important in that most people have an account to see what’s going on in the world and inform others of what they think is important or relevant to the time being. By building a repertoire is important to establish who you really are and become unique compared to the million other accounts on Twitter.

Sagolla mentions that you need to gauge the reaction of your message. People who gauge the reaction of their readers and think about what’s happening are the ones who end up changing their messages to be listened by followers. Averages of 10% of one’s followers get to read tweets at the time there posted. One percent of your followers will reply or retweet ones message on average. What people are really trying to measure is trust. Which followers trust you as a source is an important question to those who have a point to get across. Without ones followers there would be no point to twitter.

People draw people in by using repetition in their messages. Sagolla talks about enabling repetition means making your mark from the start. Sagolla says, “The best way to get repeated is to repeat your-self.” And the more you write the more new people can reach you. People design their marks with their usernames. It is important to be distinctive about making your mark so people know it’s you talking and don’t get confused and mistake you for others.

Discovering a good time to tweet is another point that Sagolla brings up. People will get used to you tweeting around those certain times and have idea of when they want to go follow people. “Social media is what you make of it. If you bring focus and will-power, such will be returned to you.”—Sagolla.

To make your point come across stronger, make it a link. A work can change its meaning when it is linked which gives the writer so much more credibility. Sagolla also mentions to find out what words make your audiences react and use them. Do not burden the reader with embellishment or exaggeration.

Invent new words. By inventing new words you can become a lexicon. Sagolla says that everyone can be an author but it takes a special type to become an inventor.

Using techniques such as neologisms, oxymoron’s, personification, hypocorism, metonymy etc (p. 85-89). is a great way to build ethos and become unique.

On page 104 Sagolla talks about discovering the antidote to each of the twelve stages. Which include: curiosity, interest, novelty, excitement, inviting everyone you know, optional; inviting the wrong person, massive use/addiction, annoyance/frustration, cutting way back, taking a break/going private, and acceptance/renewed curiosity. The all play a huge role in ethos on twitter.
It’s all about timing. Your message will be judged in the context of everyone else’s messages at the time. Ethos can be built there on how your message fits in.

People who are having fun attract more people in. Have fun and enjoy others in the hilarious world of twitter.
Branch out so that you don’t get stuck in your own worldview. People usually consume the news sources that they agree with and find relevant. Counteract this!!! Branching out can help to controls one’s own growth and influence. When you try new things and seek a new audience people will notice.

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