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PROJECT DIARY, PT. 1, APRIL WHATEVER, 2010: Currently typing notes from E-Rhetoric class, second-to-last of semester. Exigence: an imperfection in one's life characterized by a symbolic action. Bear in mind: Project is meant to characterize the rhetorical situation of an array of tweets by a focus, whether it be on exigence, ethos, or some other element of traditional rhetoric. Keep commentary interpretive and analytical.

personal notes: Last week's inability to get up and head to class (due to a screwed-up sleep schedule punctuated by random illness) has been particularly regrettable, since this feels like a course I could've really connected with. Not that I expect it'll hurt my final project -- last week also showed that I have a knack for putting out amazing work when the chips are down -- but it would have been fantastic to participate more in class. Maybe next semester, when I get my driver's license (and a car to use it with).

Unlike most other classroom participants, I have hell of Twitter experiences which can be drawn upon to a distinct and clear advantage. I feel like I could whip up a PowerPoint presentation about this material in the span of twenty minutes, but this comes at the cost of having most of my perceptions about Twitter's rhetorical situation already defined for me. Remember to ground arguments with amazing sources. Cite page numbers, even!

So, the first thing needed is to choose some people to focus on. I have a sizable suite of quirky celebs, creative Internet types, crazy furries, and random dudes to pick from. Others may choose Roger Ebert or Conan O'Brien; I have others.

People to report on:

-- FrankConniff: Frank Conniff, former MST3K writer ("TV's Frank"), current Cinematic Titanic member
-- Zarawesome: Guilherme Toews, independent game designer, creator of "Zeta's World" and "Eversion"
-- KartoonistKelly: Walt Kelly, editorial cartoonist for The Onion
-- THE_REAL_SHAQ: Shaquille O'Neal, basketball player and incredible rhetorician
-- Moult: James Roberts, online comic artist
-- HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN: Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear Solid (among other luminary game series)
-- igndotcom: 'hash account' of real or imagined quotes that mimic #1 gaming site IGN's ridiculous rhetorical style

~Off-the-cuff notes section:~
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