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Defining a Project - Looking at the Arrangement

Audiences and Performances in Twitter - how do tweets work as messages to and how do they operate as performances for?

News - tries to use top stories/breaking news, short headlines to grab your attention followed by shortened link to bring you to the actual article. WHAT DOESN'T WORK: For example - The Onion - "Opinion:So We Meet Again - The Croup" - What's happening with this? Have to click to see - don't get much info from just the headline. They are compelled to speak to inform everyone of recent happenings in the world.

Celebs -

Chelsea Handler (comedian) - We noticed that she Tweets every couple of hours about random thoughts... She Tweets at least 4 times a day. Most of them are inside jokes that she shares with her co-workers, a few are about what she is doing that day (i.e. rollerblading on the boardwalk). She includes photos or videos with almost every update. She promotes her co-workers/friends' shows that she isn't involved in. She uses her one-liners and pictures to promote herself, being that she is a comedian... some are crude humor which her fans will most likely follow and find funny, but some people could get offended by it if they don't know her personality and sense of humor.

Jim Carrey (actor/comedian) - Updates multiple times during the day. Many of his Tweets are sent directly to certain people. He uses ALOT of emoticons in his Tweets ( ;^> ). Some of his Tweets are inappropriate! Some are just random thoughts and feelings at the current time that he wants to share, maybe to give a sense of security or encourage people who are reading his Tweets.

Kenny Chesney (singer) - He only updates once a day, sometimes less, sometimes there are 2-3 days in between Tweets. Most of them are just about performances coming up and their locations and promotions for CDs, ringtones, and things that will be on TV. There was one Tweet he wrote that said "My thoughts go out to the people of Haiti - there are no words," one of the few personal Tweets we found. He has a lot of links to other things. Asks questions out of boredom - "Anything good on TV tonight?" and "What should we do to celebrate when we reach 100k followers?" We think that he might not always be the one Tweeting - might be someone else in charge of promoting Kenny and his crew. He also answers questions from fans/followers who are wondering about where he will be for specific events.

Fox News - updates are pretty much hourly... Not necessarily breaking news stories but they are more popular/followed stories that Americans would seem most interested in. For example, the new 100 dollar bill, injuries from various bombings, some military and government coverage. If it's breaking news, it is labeled as BREAKING. All headlines/Tweets include a link to the actual full-sized article on the Fox News website. Mostly world events.. mentions the volcanic ash from the Iceland volcano, Poland's public memorial for plane crash victims.

CNNbrk - CNN's Breaking News. Updates multiple times within the hour. Ranges from sports to war, Obama, events happening (natural disasters, oil rig explosion, accidents).. drugs, shootings, world leaders being killed. They get into the pop culture. There isn't a big difference between this one from Fox News except it updates more.

Kare 11 - a more local station - they cover local events/happenings, but also covers world news.

-Tweets are organized in chronological order according to a time sequence - the latest tweets show up at the top of the list that you are following. They can also be organized topically if you search for a particular topic or click a certain hashtag, and that will show all the tweets that the hashtag has been included in.

Delivery: Messages are delivered through Tweets in 140 characters or less. Usually they consist of "eye-catchers" to get the reader's attention, and then there is a link to the actual site.

Our Interpretation

-They use eye-catching comments that will force interested readers to click on links to outside sources. They use Twitter to advertise themselves, upcoming performances, TV appearances, radio appearances, if they have new music/shows coming out. Right now alot of them are drawing attention the floods in Tennessee - Kenny Chesney talks about it and then suggests fans help out by getting ahold of the TN Red Cross and supplied a link to it. Taylor Swift was also sympathetic, saying that she was heartbroken to see the Grand Ole Opry underwater and to keep flood victims in your thoughts. So they are also giving attention to problems in the world and trying to get others to contribute. This is their way of contributing to the problem while setting a good example and maintaining a good reputation with the public, which is very important to them since they have so many people following their actions and looking up to them.

- They use the latest headlines/biggest issues to catch people's attention - the 140-character Tweet keeps people informed, while offering links to outside sites in case the follower wants to read on further about the issue. Their Tweets (headlines) are neutral/non-biased; they need to maintain a professional reputation and not take sides on anything. It's all facts rather than opinions, like with the celebrities. This tells a lot about our society - we have the world at our fingertips and we always want to know what's going on at all times. Fox News is a little bit different in that they cover a more broad spectrum of events... They use eye-catchers such as "Maryland Funeral Home Closed after 40 Bodies Found in Garage" - obviously that's going to catch your attention!
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