Twitter Project

What We Want To Look At


- charactonym
-phonetic respellings


-When used
-By whom

How Will We Approach This

We will try to find one or two words from each category of neulogisms, and then we will research how those specific words are used. We hope to learn whether they are used in a consistent manner, or whether after their original invention, other users borrow them to mean other things, essentially creating a whole new word.
We will be using the Browse tab, and looking specifically under the "Funny" and "Entertainment" and "Twitter" tabs to find tweets using these. We will also find Twitterholics from Sagolla's references.

What We Expect To Find

We expect to find the phonetic respellings almost everywhere. But the other ones will require more thought, they will probably be less common and come from more experienced Twitterers. They will also probably come from wordies.

leet /leetspeak: used to say you're in the elite/texting shorteners enough, and you become part of a class of texters.
See what Sagolla says about that
See how it functions rhetoically - how does it affect the audience? How does it distance them? Draw them closer?

Look at

Consider Exigence, persons, relations, location, speaker, audience, method, and institutions
boredom causes people to create their own exigence? / the situation determines the rhetorical response in the same way that the questions controls the answer.
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