I have decided to look at how Celebrities communicate with their peers, family and fans through Tweeter.



The celebrities I have decided to follow are well know musicians, they have released an album this year (proving that they are still active,)and they tweet everyday or regularly.
The artists that I will be following are:


iamkelis - Thanks to all the UK fans UK for helping Acapella chart @ #5! If you haven’t already, click here to buy! http: - Team Kelis

iamkelis - Just landing in ny, why is it that one of the greatest cities in the whole world has this cesspool they call an airport. Its inconvenient 6:47 PM Apr 18th

iamkelis - You have to walk go up go down, it looks depressing and its filthy. They have never ending delays, and chilli's Is all you have to look 6:50 PM Apr 18th

imogenheap - Hello! 1st tweet on an iPad! Loving it :) About to head back to Coachella. Thx to those in the crowd last night. You know it was tough one! 2:24 PM Apr 17th

imogenheap - Ok... So it turned out I hadn't changed the timezone on my phone and it's actually 5am! No shops open here! Doh! 4hours sleep.back 2 bed! 2:14 AM Apr 13th

imogenheap - About to go live on Bloomburg TV in Homg Kong x x 7:48 PM Apr 1st

Lennykravitz - pre-sale tickets for LK at Sandia Casino Amphitheater in Albuquerque, NM are on sale now! Use password "LK2010" -teamLK 9:00 AM Apr 15th

Lennykravitz - new tour date in Albuquerque, NM on June 1st.. pre-sale starts on Thursday.. details here: -teamLK 12:25 PM Apr 12th

Lennykravitz - @lennyFANS baby, you have no idea what a coincidence. Just finished putting the final touches on "Super Love." it's so tasty. Love, Lenny 7:53 PM Mar 31st



iamkelis - Grab the new ACAPELLA remix player & the song yourself & share it with your friends! - Team Kelis about 6 hours
Lennykravitz - pre-sale tickets for LK at Sandia Casino Amphitheater in Albuquerque, NM are on sale now! Use password "LK2010" -teamLK 9:00 AM Apr 15th

Lennykravitz - In memory of Purvis Young. Lenny 9:06 AM Apr 20th
Iamkelis - So u know I love to eat and every city brings new choices and thrills. So I try to find the best in each city. I'm about to eat at papalote 6:02 PM Apr 17th
Imogenheap - Goodbye Jakarta! It's been fantastic! Hope to see you again soon. Sitting on runway about to take off! 12:11 AM Ap

Big Question

Bear in mind that the rhetorical audience is a constant in all of these situations. I will be looking more closly at the rhetorical subjects and addresses. As stated in the notes above, all the artists tweet when something of interest to their rhetorical
audience is in progress or immediately after it is done. Which include concerts, television interviews or in some cases the loss of a loved one.

More Notes

Sagolla talks about this: pull, rather than push type


Side notes

The Rhetor seems to draw from the exigence of her new album-acapella. It was released in Europe first, thus, "ACAPELLA is finally out in the UK from THIS SUNDAY! Get it from iTunes beginning midnight Saturday night, so set your alarms! - Team Kelis
11:06 AM Apr 9th." Dependant on her rhetoric situation she pull in more people who might have heard her song into her rhetorical audience by offering information such as:

4:16 PM Apr 12th 12:26 PM Apr 13th 10:21 AM Apr 15th 2:24 PM Apr 16th.


Side notes


Side notes

Might be off topic?
New question - How/Why do these celebrities use/ utilize Tweeter?


The subjects in study have released a single track or an album this year. This serves as their rhetorical situation to be addressed and it gives rise to their exigence. It mainly seems like the rhetors (mentioned above) are providing their fans (rhetorical audience) with in formation regarding to their musical carriers.

The rhetors above, according to Sagolla, are optimizing their exigence by describing, avoiding (limiting their messages to carrier related issues,) and mostly simplifying their messages. These messages are all packed with information about up coming events that pertain to their musical carriers; this builds up their professional ethos since they are providing first hand information to their rhetorical audience; sometimes before it is released to the media.

According to Sagolla, "being mobile and in the moment" are "at the center of the short form" (p.8); since Tweeter is all about how much you can express by using 140 words, it serves as a good media for the rhetors to address their rhetorical situations i.e. provide information on their lives and carriers. That aside, all except for iamkelis seem to follow the guidelines to using Tweeter. Her messages happen to be long pieces that carry over from one tweet to another. Thus, some tweets might sound out of place but upon close examination one will realize that they are long strings of messages that correlate or connect.

However, Sagolla says to forget about the reader - write for yourself and achieve "flow." He seems to contradict himself because this could serve as justification to iamkelis' posting habits which to my taste is jarring and distracting, the reason why she doesn't want to conform is maybe something that might be worth looking into but since we do not know the reason as to why, we just have to take this at face value and justify it as a form of expression since she describes and simplifies her messages.

On the matter that Sagolla describes as the language you choose both defines and limits your audience, in my opinion, does not apply in this situation because the followers of the rhetors had/have made their opinion on the rhetor before they even added them on tweeter. Hence, the rhetor's audience is more influenced by their music than their tweets. On the other hand, 2 of the 3 rhetors follow other people on tweeter and their usernames are more or less their stage names; this both, adds to their professional ethos and it encourages re-Tweetability because they are icons, consider:
candyTman - Happy Passover... In the middle of a session. Lenny 4:37 PM Mar 29th via Tweetie Retweeted by LennyKravitz and 19 others

Both iamkelis and Lennykravits describe their rhetorical audience as: Team Kelis and teamLK respectively. This terms seem to endear to the rhetorical audience's pathos; if they refer to their rhetorical audience in these terms it makes them feel accepted and recognized by the rhetors.
Also, all the rhetors seem to be operating from a verified account. If anything this is one of the most significant pointers to professional ethos because people from the Tweeter offices have checked and verified that that particular account actually belongs to these people. Thus the rhetors rhetorical audience have complete faith in the rhetor.

In chapter nine of Sagolla's book he talks about links and how they change and add more content to a tweet. Well, all of the rhetors I am looking at have links in most of their posts, these not only adds on to their professional ethos but also makes the delivery of their messages forensic in nature since they mostly rely on facts, consider:
tickets on sale now for Lenny Kravitz at the Chumash Casino Resort in Santa Ynez - June 10th... - teamLK
Ok friends so its finally, I mean officially done. Flesh tone was born yesterday 6am a beautiful 9lbs ok enough 9 songs of pure glory! Lol 2:24 PM Apr 16th via UberTwitter FLESH TONE album cover now on facebook - check it out here - - Team Kelis 5:46 PM Apr 15th via web
Rehearsals tomorrow for the N.American tour in a couple of weeks. Can't believe it's come around so quick! xx

It seems that the rhetors are making the best out of what they have and they seem to be following Saggola's model on how to use Tweeter. Thus addressing all rhetorical situations fully as they present themselves.

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