Twitter and Public Figures

Twitter is a fairly new social networking service that many people use for various things. People can keep others within their circles informed on their current status, what's going on in their world, what link they should follow, et; and do it all within the constraints of 140 characters. This action of giving a "public notice" on the web is called tweeting.

Tweeting has been real popular with people and business around the globe, and even public figures are big into tweeting these days. We usually see these people only on the television screen or read about them in magazines or on the Internet. Twitter allows the mass an inside look to these celebrities that no other form of media has.

Below, are the profiles of three different public figures. Each person serves a different purpose to the public; therefore they must use their twitter as a tool to aid their purpose.

Sarah Palin

Since running for office in 2008 as John McCain vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin has transformed from a hard working governor from Alaska that no one knew about to one of the most well known and influential people in the world, according to Time Magazine and ABC where she appeared on a Barbara Walters Special titled 10 most fascinating people of the world.

She wrote a book called Going Rogue: An American Life, which became a bestseller in no time.
After stepping down as the Governor of Alaska, Sarah has been actively touring across the U.S, speaking at select engagements as well as on Fox News. She started the "Pink Elephant movement", which supports female GOP candidates. There also rumors that she may run for office in the next presidential election.

In general Sarah Palin's main purpose for using Twitter is to display her views and opinions on a daily basis. With twitter, long gone are the days where the public has to wait to watch the news or a presidential debate to see where someone may stand on an issue. Just as soon as an event happens that may be of interest to her, she can give her opinion about just as quickly.

For example: after the incident with Dr Laura where she dropped the N Bomb on her radio show, Sarah Palin defended Dr. Laura's First Amendment right to free speech by tweeting

Dr.Laura=even more powerful & effective w/out the shackles, so watch out Constitutional obstructionists. And b thankful 4 her voice,America! 7:44 PM Aug 18th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Dr.Laura:don't retreat...reload! (Steps aside bc her 1st Amend.rights ceased 2exist thx 2activists trying 2silence"isn't American,not fair") 7:44 PM Aug 18th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

By using twitter as an open discussion, Sarah Palin can raise or address issues right from her Blackberry. Forget about showing up to a press conference for a quote.

Chad Ochocinco

Now if one is a fan of football and all that surrounds the NFL, the name Chad Ochocinco should be somewhat a familiar one. Chad Ochocinco, born Chad Johnson, has been an elite receiver since he stepped foot onto the field as a pro athlete, but even more so has he electrified the entertainment aspect of the sport. His wild end zone dances usually results in a fine. He loves the camera, and isn't afraid to speak his mind to the public. He knows that publicity, whether positive or negative, is better than no publicity at all, so he tries to stay relevant well after the last game of the NFL season.

Twitter allows Chad Ochocinco all the publicity he desires. There isn't a rule that says pro athletes aren't aloud to tweet, so he probably says a lot of things he that he wouldn't be able to say on the field without result of a fine. Even some of the things that he tweets earn him a punishment, but that doesn’t keep him from holding back.

In fact, a lot of his off field shenanigans are done just so he can be seen as not just an athletic performer who scores touchdowns and wins games, but also as someone who can entertain and keep people laughing. He has appeared on a few reality shows and is probably two clicks away from starring in a feature film.

Therefore, Chad Ochocinco is cleverly using twitter as an extension of the show that you get when you see him playing on the field. He tweets about games, other players, how he feels, or just random thoughts. Cracking jokes and talking trash is common on his twitter roll. His tweets allow people access to the inner mind of someone who is a larger than life athlete and celebrity.

Below Chad Ochocinco tweets during a football game, his feelings about what had just transpired on the field.

Man Im sick of getting hit like that , its the damn preseason shit! 1day I'm gone jump up and start throwing hay makers , #Tylenolplease 8:53 PM Aug 20th via Rock Software

Being that using any sort of communication device during a professional match up is prohibited, Chad Ochocinco was fined $25k for that single tweet. Today, he tweeted about the fine saying

#OCNNnews I've been fined by the league a substantial amount of money for tweeting, 1st time twitter hasn't made me money but cost me money 9 minutes ago via Rock Software

His tweets serve as a window to his everyday life. Everyone can turn on the TV on Sunday and see how he's doing on the field or read about one of his comments. but to be able to follow him and see whats going on in that head of his is like watching the Chad Ochocinco show all day every day. And uncut.

Lamon Young Diesel

Lamon Young Diesel Brown, or Randy Brown, is an aspiring underground Rapper from Cincinatti. He has a few professionally produced mix tapes out right now but has not scratched the surface of Mainstream music. He is well known around the Cincinnati area but hasn't reached national recognition. He has a talent for free styling, or coming up with rhymes on the spot right off the top of his head. Has been rapping since elementary school and displays his talents by battling other local rappers from the Cincinnati area and often collaborates with them on various recordings.

Lamon uses his twitter to gain exposure and push his music to his followers and potential fans. Whenever he has an upcoming event or performance he tweets about it like crazy. Below he tells people where to find his CD

if yu need a copy of My new Mixtape and yu attend Kstate Holla @ me itz hosted by @DjSKINNYFRESH and he iz Dj'in The IceBreaker Saturday 8:09 AM Aug 23rd via mobile web

One thing that that I noticed about Lamon's tweets that differed from the other two is that he uses hash tags in majority of them.

iJuz seen a #subtweet that made me blush...iMiss yu more baby nd iDefinetly can't wait ta see yu to,!! #shoutoutz ta my #sweetie Sunday 10:47 PM Aug 25th via mobile web

By using hash tags in his tweets he displays his creativity and knack for stringing words together. Displaying these qualities are good for promoting his talents as an artist. He even creates his own words in the last tweet by taking the phrases "I just", "I Miss", and "I Definitely" and joining each one into one word resulting in "ijuz" and etc.
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