Tips for Constructing a Professional Web Presence Ethos


Have image and text coincide on the page. repettion, dellivery, personification

Choose words appropriate to your audience. address rather than offend. constructs a more knowledgable ethos.

Know the genre expectations of your audience. Pros are expected to update. Expect to update.
Create organized webpage that makes nav easy for viewers. So consider how pages are laid out - suggest an order through the site. Use sequence to your advantage.

Link directly. Link consistently. Make linking easy for user. Using linking to get user to important information. pleasant, coherent, user-friendly. Use linking for emphasis, to create focus. for sequencing.

Offer an avenue to keep up with you. RSS feed or active blog. cred, relationships.


If relying on your reputation, play it up by placing your bio high on the page to assure an audience who has not heard of you that you have a rep.

Don't force reader to read all the recipes to find one for meatloaf. worth making.

Don't put a blog, feed, stream unless you will keep up with it. violates relationships.

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