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this context is just images and gif images as it starts from the bottom of the page showing images and gif images of hell as it scrolls up it loads more images as it reaches earth which is on fire and scrolls up into the sky getting more heavenly as it scrolls higher as it shows angels, happy clouds, crosses, shining stars, signs of jesus everywhere, until you reach the very top of the page and it says “Love You” in red font which is still a gif image having the letters moving up and down while a baby plays the electric guitar.

The site appears to be a desecration or non-particpation.
Its non-participating by not allowing the viewer control whats going on and not letting you scroll back down making it clear it just wants you to watch and unwilling to let you do anything. Its also desecration for it has no seriousness to it, very confusing and disrupting gif images with flashing background, could also be mocking anyone who is religious for it seems poorly design on purpose.


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This context is a basic video sharing website with a side navigation bar with different categories to select from like, music, sports, gaming, education, movies, tv shows, news, and spotlight, each one bringing you to that desired category. If not selected the home page is comprised with all categories in the middle of the page. There is one list for each category with a thumbnail of the video and underneath the title. The top of the list normally starts with recommendations or popular videos. While the bottom of the page focuses on the terms, privacy policy, feedback, about, copyright, advertising, developers, pretty much letting you know more about what the website does and what is acceptable on it.

The site appears to be conformity. The stuff shown is fitting for a video sharing website and takes the steps to show categories of different videos on the side navigation bar and very organized. Many other video websites share this same kind of layout and has become the norm of the internet.


the main page is a list of popular trending topics of what appears to be from any or all of there many subreddits categories. the reddit bar holds categories as listed
hot, new, rising, controversial, top, glided, wiki and promoted. The main page is always opened to the hot tab section of the reddit bar. When choosing the other tabs on the reddit bar it brings you to the top trending topic in that category. The layout is the same on every tab you open on the reddit bar making it seem neutral and non-participation.
The website only changes when using one of the many subreddit category, selecting one of them will always change the reddit bar theme for example. clicking on the philosophy subreddit will change the reddit mascot into a greek philosopher with a generic philosophy picture in the reddit bar. It can also just be a small change for example clicking on the news subreddit will just change the reddit mascot having the mascot reading a newspaper but leaving the same color theme as the original reddit home page. Even though some of the subreddits will change the reddit bar theme and mascot the page layout remains the same with a list of popular trending topics from that category. Its remains neutral no matter what you click on making it non-participation website.

Contextual Reconstruction

The main page has a top navigation bar with the tabs as listed exclusives, subreddit, register, log in, and a search glass when clicked on a search bar appears and above the tabs are two buttons one for facebook and the other for twitter. This normal boots navigation bar stays with you as you scroll down the page as well as stays on every other page that you click on this site. Making sure you know what website your on and having the search bar always with you as you scroll through the site. Below the normal boots bar you have a category list of the channels featured on this website. the list is as followed : Jontron, Peanut Butter Gamer, Continue?, Projared, The Completionist, Satchbag, and Did You Know Gaming? Each one of these categories has a pixel art image above each title and when you hover your mouse cursor over the image it will bounce and change either being a simple change or a complete change. For example hovering over the peanut butter gamer pixel art will make it smile while hovering over the completionist will change the pixel art into a bear. Underneath the categories bar is a featured video followed by a list of recent featured videos under it. The right side of the website is used for latest posts, comments, news, and other websites that they are affiliated with.

This website tends to fit contextual reconstruction for it tends to violate some certain concepts of basic graphic design for example having the category list font be centered for peanut butter gamer and did you know gaming? As well as having almost four different types of fonts in the website. But for the purpose of the theme of this website being video gaming related. The pixel art, font and colors works in its favor and makes it acceptable for the audience.
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