Project: Text-Context in Four Web Sites

Using S&P, chap 4: Text-Context and

Also useful

This project gives you some practice in focused description of text and context. With this project, your descriptions become more precise, more concise, but still neutral and from outside the rhetorical exchange.

Create a page titled TextAndContextProject - followed by your initials. You can do the rest of this project in that page.

Your task is to find 4 web sites that illustrate the 4 ways that text responds to the context, as worked with in S&P, chap 4.

For each site you choose (and choose wisely), describe the site (focus on a representative page - select wisely) and the context. Describe both completely enough that the details you bring out provide evidence for how the site responds to the context. Link to the site and particular page(s) you're working with. Your notes and overall description should address the three elements of context that S&P detail -

The more closely you can describe these, the better you can come to a consideration of the text and context relation. Getting the background you need might demand some research.

Include your notes for your description of the artifact and context.

Then in a paragraph or two or three, explain how the site responds to the context, using the concepts from S&P. You might use S&P's work as a model but you be semi-informal.

Do all four on one wiki page.


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