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The exercise Consider how the site is used and where it will be used. Might need to do some research into the specific circumstances of the site. Consider how it, or portions of it, might be responding to specific circumstances, such as special events or seasonal events. Consider the season, the year, any current events, and on the (inferable) circumstances of the audience reading the message.

Consider similar circumstances and similar messages

The tricky part here is developing a sense of similar and the variations. For instance, not all university websites are similar. They vary, and they probably vary by the rhetors's sense of specific circumstances and intended audience, which, in turn, is driven by other, local circumstances. A specific artifact in one genre may be more similar to artifacts in another genre. Research if necessary: Look at a few other sites addressing similar circumstances - they won't be identical.

Consider the (implied) rhetor and the (implied) audience

Not just demographics but psychographic information: the values and attitudes and ways of thinking and seeing that the message entails. The message presents the values of the implied rhetor. Consider especially the relationship between the two (S&P 57) as far as that relationship is inferable from the message.

Text and Context Part 2
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