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The history of the Moleskine notebook
The Moleskine® notebook is
the heir
and successor Polyptoton149
to the legendary notebook
used by artists
and thinkers over the past two centuries: Hypotacticzuegma149
among them
Vincent van Gogh, Equals so isocollon148
Pablo Picasso,
Ernest Hemingway,
and Bruce Chatwin.
A simple black rectangle Zeugma145 Enumeration 151 Antithesis 150(Restated in opposite terms) Litotes 146
with rounded corners,Zeugma
an elastic page-holder, Zeugma
and an internal expandable pocket: Hyportatiss
a nameless object
with a spare perfection
all its own,
produced for over a century
by a small French bookbinder
that supplied
the stationery shops of Paris,
where the artistic
and literary avant-garde Polyptoton 149
of the world browsed
and brought them.
A trusted
and handy travel companion,
the notebook held invaluable Hyperbole 146
sketches,Equals so isocollon148 Zeugma(They all have common idea and repeated) 149
and ideas
that would one day
become famous paintings
or the pages of beloved books.

-Para two
The notebook was
Bruce Chatwin's favorite,
and it was he who called it "moleskine".
In the mid-1980s,
these notebooks became increasingly scarce,
and then vanished entirely.Homoioteleuton 148
In his book
The Songlines,
Chatwin tells the story of the little black notebook:
in 1986,
the manufacturer,
a small family-owned company in the French city of Tours,
went out of business. Homoioteleuton 148
"Le vrai moleskine n'est plus"
are the lapidary words he puts
into the mouth
of the owner metonymy 146
of the stationery shop
in Rue de l'Ancienne Com├ędie
where he
usually purchased his notebooks. Metonymy 146
Chatwin set about buying up all the notebooks Metonymy 146
that he could find
before his departure for Australia,
but they were still not enough.

Para three
In 1997,
a small Milanese publisher
brought the legendary notebook
back to life,
and selected this name
with a literary pedigree
to revive an extraordinary tradition.
Following in Chatwin's footsteps,
Moleskine notebooks have resumed their travels,Metonymy 146
providing an indispensable complement to the new
and portable technology of today. Metonymy 146
Capturing reality in movement,
glimpsing and recording details,
inscribing the unique nature of experience on paper: Hypotactic, Sententia 154(resonant , proverb-like declaration Periodic(Have to wait until end to get point)
the Moleskine notebook is a battery
that stores ideas and feelings,
releasing its energy over time. Metaphor145

Para four
Moleskine is synonymous with culture,
imagination, Equals so isocollon 148 Enumeration 151 Ethos Anaphora 148
and personal identity -
in both the real world
and the virtual world.
It is a brand that identifies a family of notebooks,
journals, Equals so isocollon 148
and innovative city guides,
adapted to various functions.
With the diverse array of page formats,
Moleskine notebooks are partners
for the creative
and imaginative professions of our time.
They represent,
around the world,
a symbol of contemporary nomadism,
closely connected with the digital world through a network of websites,
blogs, Equals so isocollon 148 and Zeugma 247 Enumeration 151
online groups,
and virtual archives.
With Moleskine,
the age-old gesture
of taking notes
and doing sketches -
typically analogue activities -
have found an unexpected forum on the web
and in its communities.Enthymeme 155 (Presenttional or stylistic, capped w/ Pithy statment)

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