Style in a Micromessage


We looked mainly at memes as they circulate in pop culture on the internet. For this final exercise, I'm asking you to analyze a micro-message that could circulate as a meme but, as far as I can tell, hasn't. The artifact is embedded on this page. The text is a quote from Marshall McLuhan. The artifact itself was created as one of a collection by the rhetor, titled "My Favorite Marshall McLuhan Quotes."

We've worked with all these ideas in the past, with one new turn: Explaining how the particular stylistic figures the rhetor uses go to make the argument (invoking logos) and to create an ethos. To consider these two elements, review Longaker, "The Classical Pisteis", pp 45 - 48. We've discussed these in class, especially with regard to enthymeme and postures in caps. Review Longaker for the terminology and review notes to get started. I'm not asking you to work with pathos: just logos and ethos. Your analysis should connect the figures or tropes you discover with logos and ethos. That's the tricky part, so keep it in mind as you work.

Approach this exercise as you might a take-home essay or quiz. You're aiming to demonstrate that you can identify elements of style and analyze how those elements can be used to create a sense of logos and ethos. The extent you present that in your work will determine the grade. When in doubt, get specific rather than general: Analysis is in the details, not the broad sweeps.

How to Proceed

Start a new page: StyleInAMicromessage - followed by your initials. On that page, use headings to address the following:

Deadline: Due Fri, 11 Nov, 6:00 pm.

Questions to me.

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