A Little About Myself, In No Specific Order

Hello everyone! My name is Stephanie Peterson. I am from Bismarck, ND, a chemistry major, a math minor, a senior, and am in the process of applying to graduate school right now. This is actually my fifth year here at Bemidji State and I can't believe how fast they have gone by. I was a member of the Women's Basketball team my first four years and am finishing up undergrad in this fifth year. I am kind of nervous as to where I will be in about seven months due to the graduate school pursuit, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am also looking forward to the experience and to a new chapter in my life.

I am taking this class this semester because I needed to fill up another liberal education course required by the Honors Program and this class interested me. It actually wasn't an option to take within the program but I was fortunate to get it okayed and here I am typing away. I like to think of things in regards to where they originated from or how they were developed and I guess, as large of an impact that media plays in our lives nowadays, I thought this would be exciting and something different than what I am use to taking. I hope I know what I am getting myself in to.

Like I said, I am from Bismarck, ND. I have lived there all my life with my parents and little sister. I really like ND but people give me a hard time and always joke how there are no trees or how flat ND is (Which is not true! You have to go further west to see what I am talking about!) I enjoy spending time in the great ND outdoors and playing sports of all kinds.

This last summer, I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I would've liked to at home because I was at the University of South Dakota basically doing an internship within their Chemistry Department. I did it to see if I wanted to pursue chemistry in grad school and if I would actually enjoy it. So, for ten weeks this past summer, I was in Vermillion, SD doing chemistry research during the week and working at a local grocery store on the weekends. It was a great opportunity to reflect on my future and to experience something out of the ordinary.


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