Single Parent Dad
Audience: Parents.
Top of Page:
Banner with title of page, "Single Parent Dad". Banner includes stick figures that move and flash across the banner.
Left of page: Sidebar explaining who blogger is: About Me, Ian Newbold, brief history, link to blogger's complete profile, contact information, followers, blog archive.
Middle of page: Blog posts in reverse- chronological order, with most recent posts first. The date first, the title, then the bog post. There are pictures within the posts, there are also Facebook/Twitter tool bars so that you can easily share the link on your profile.
Right of Page: Advertisements, picture widget and a list of links to other weblogs title "Go Here Too". List of resources, list of sponsors, followed by more ads.
There is a Flikr Widget displaying photos.
The text is broken with photos, links and advertisements. The photos generally have something to do with a corresponing text.

Links: There are links everywhere on the page. On the left there are archives and members, on the right there are facebook and Twitter, advertisements and a list titled 'Go Here Too'.

Linking With: Facebook and Twitter pages of the blogger, pages he deemed similar to his own and has made easily available.
Links to link with other members.

Link Action: Links take you to other pages, archives, members, etc.

Style: The style is very casual, personal. He is telling stories to get him through the day. The diction of his text seems to be English and makes me place him somewhere in the UK. ('Favourites')

Figures of speech: He makes off- the- wall comparisons; " Gestapoesque questioning' when talking about being asked something simple like what his favorite color is. I think this is an example of hyperbole; overexaggeration.
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