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=====Shifman’s Memetic Dimensions=====
Use these terms as a guide to compiling observations on memes.

Summarize and comment on the ideas and ideologies that are conveyed in the meme. This won't be a simple sentence or two but a consideration of the what the meme is about, the argument it makes, pr what it shows or does. In considering ideology, discuss the ideas and values the meme works with, and what the meme says about those ideas and values. p 40.

The actual construction of the artifact. This includes is physical incarnation, visual design and features. Mention genre here, such as music video, amateur music video, remix, lip sync …

Stance has three sub-dimensions
- Participation structure. Who is participating in the meme and in what manner? This also suggests who's allowed to participate in the meme.
- Keying. This addresses the tone and style of the meme. Funny, ironic, mocking sarcastic, Register: adult, adolescent, amateur, professional …
- Communication functions. What kind of information is being emphasized. The most common are Referential, Emotive, Poetic. Reflexive occures when the meme calls attention to itself as memetic construction. Conative addresses the receiver directly as someone looking at the meme: Breaking the fourth wall. Phatic calls attention to the communication channel.

==== Memetic Features - Features that make the meme spreadable ====
Shifman, chap 6 addresses features that enhance the propagation of and engagement with memes. Especially focused on the "memetic qualities that enhance ... involvement with content by way of remaking, remixing, or imitating" (65) Memes that spread appear to be created so that another person can fill in the gaps, or make another point using the meme.

=== Kind of variation ===
- remake, remix, imitation

=== Memetic features ===
An extended consideration of the memetic features that the meme is using. Start with the lists below, but supplement these features with your own observations.

Here are the features that Shifman isolates:

- ordinary people
- flawed masculinity
- humor and playfulness
- simplicity
- repetitiveness
- whimsical content

Memetic photos add to the above:
- juxtaposition
- freeze frame
- invocation of popular media
- ease of access by use of participation tools (meme making sites)

Does your meme show other elements that might spur memetic development, or features that seem to put an end to development? Parody? Satire? Nastiness? ...

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