Glory Days

Hello, Internet. My name is Shane Faria. I am a senior at Bemidji State from Burlington, Massachusetts (just outside of Boston). I am a creative writing major and plan on graduating in the spring. I transferred here after 3.5 years at the University of New Hampshire.

My hobbies include listening to, researching and writing about music, writing in all forms, exercise in the form of sports or working out, and intellectual conversations. I hope to learn a lot from this class and I am looking forward to the semester.

- Middle Brother - "Daydreaming"

- Laura Stevenson - "Baby Bones"

- Iron & Wine - "Sodom, South Georgia"

- Night Moves - "Country Queen"

- Against Me! - "We Did It All for Don"

- Arizona

- California

- Colorado

- Connecticut

- Florida

- Georgia

- Illinois

- Iowa

- Maine

- Massachusetts

- Minnesota

- Nevada

- New Hampshire

- New York

- Ohio

- Rhode Island

- Vermont

- Virginia


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