Hello World: Set up a WikiName page

Your wiki name page is your home page for this course. It's a publishing space for your course work. You'll be hanging some of your writing for this class off your wiki name page. But you can also use your wiki name page as an entry point to other work you wish to publish.

Use the Getting Started on the Wiki Tutorial to register on the wiki and become familiar with wiki markup. Keep it next to you as you create your own page.

The exercise

Design and create a wiki name page. Make this your home page for this course. You'll be adding to this page throughout the course.

1. Start with the Getting Started on the Wiki Tutorial. The tutorial will walk you through registering on the wiki and creating your wiki name page.

Once you have practiced a little using the tutorial, turn your attention to cleaning up your wiki name page and structuring it for use.

2. Design your wiki name page. It should include


Use level 2 and 3 headings, lists, and paragraphs to create a structured - organized - page. Refer to [[GettingStarted Tutorial and FormattingRules for guidance.

3. When you have successfully set up your wiki name page, email me at mmorgan@bemidjistate.edu.

Adding Pages

You can add pages that become part of this wiki overall. To do so, go to an appropriate page and use a WikiWord to create a new page. These pages will be open to everyone for editing.


Page names on wikis must be unique. The easiest way to keep them unique is to append your name or initials to the end of any page you create for your own work. So, rather than using ExerciseOne, use ExerciseOneJoeStudent.

When creating pages that the wiki will share, you can just give it an appropriate topic name.


Use the Sandbox or your wiki name page to practice formatting and linking.

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