L.L. Bean

Really good: neutral, and mostly outside the rhetorical exchange - except for the progression. Those statements can be rephrased as description. Concise - which also makes room for more observations.

"L.L. Bean" in black and bold letter in upper left hand corner of page. Under the heading in much smaller print is the date, issue, and webpage. Below the heading in less noticeable white print of their slogan and costumer guarantee promise. Across the bottom of the page is an attention grabbing red banner advertising their 20% discount. Also within the banner is fine print of their slogans before an even finer print telling where to get the promo code. The picture itself is of a man and a woman sitting on the back of an older style truck in the woods during the fall. They are wearing fall clothes that match the color tones of the setting. The truck itself contains boots, jackets, and a crate of something. They are looking at each other admirably, both smiling and having a good time. The man is holding an apple of the same tone of the red banner and some parts of the truck.

Overall, the picture contains mostly earth tones with the exception of the red in the truck, apple, and banner. The print is aligned to the left of the page as it barely reached the right 3/4 of the page. As far as progression goes. I am first drawn to the people in the image and what they are doing before looking at the fall setting. The next most noticeable aspect would be the banner at the bottom and the title on top. The smaller aspects of the page I look at last such as the apple, objects in the truck, license plate, and fine print/ white print.
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