Seeing as a Critic

Draw on Chaps 1 & 2

In coming to understand how messages work, we an start by considering what elements are rhetorically active in a message. The purpose of this exercise is not to come to any conclusions or evaluations but to start to see what can be seen as rhetorical affordances.

This exercise is a little like the balcony view exercise in S&P. It asks you to describe a rhetorical object by taking a rhetorical stance: outside the rhetorical exchange, neutral, but detailed, descriptive, and non-evaluative.

Go to your WikiName page and start a new page titled SeeingAsACritic - followed by your initials. Develop some notes in which you consider one of the rhetorical objects below:

Consider both the text other elements of the medium, in light of the apparent aim of the message. Look at

Stay with this a while to start to develop a critical stance. Observations from the balcony view take some time to develop. About 500 words or so of notes - not an essay.

In composing your notes

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