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!!! A Second Look at Email

To further practice and refine your critical method, work with a second email exchange. Follow the same method as in the FirstLookAtEmail - working from description to analysis to interpretation (and evaluation if you wish). Go to your WikiName page and start a new page titled SecondLookAtEmail. Organize each methodical move under the appropriate heading: description, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation (optional)

* Refer to Stoner and Perkins, chap 3, for guidance.
* For a source text, use the email exchange I'll hand out in class.
* Draw on the ListOfRhetoricalFeaturesOfEmail to guide your description
* For your search model, use BaronOnEmail.

Keep in mind as you work that you're looking at how the messages work: you're trying to identify the rhetorical choices the senders made, and construing what those choices might mean in the framework of the search model.

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