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My name is SaraDennison. I am a student of an Electronic Rhetoric course at Bemidji State University. This is my page of notes.



9/25/12 Tuesday Notes:
claim--> warrent <--data
warrent: presupposition
data: observation
claim: what should you do? arguable
explicit argument: rhetor points out what's what, logic of the statement is in the syntax of the statement

presentational enthymeme: brings up the question about whether or not you can bring up an argument based on an image.
caps: longaker, presentational enthymemes somehow organize things in a particular way that guides audience to pick up on the direction that rhetor wants audience to get to...
ideational enthymeme: what is dug out....what the image could mean...

notes 11/6
analysis- looking on Myers ideas about links on blogs... what's the link text like, names, titles, urls? does the blogger try to work link into syntax of sentence. How does it happen? In what way? Where do we go?

can the link tell us something different than the link text....

where does wit come into play?

how to figure out ways at handling this....table, list, linking?

Using links as wit...
extend analysis to consider use of wit in links
use notes from Morgan's page
Myers draws on Bryce, watched how people

cooperative priciples:
individuals tend to tell the truth,
that tell us as much as we need to know,
wont tell you more than you need to you know,
make what they want to say relevent to what we are talking about.
say what you are going to in as clear a way as possible....

sometimes, people lie, say too little or too much, make seemingly irrelevant remarks, or extremely obscurely that doesnt seem to fit.

speakers can intentionally
violate the quality- that is the truth.... a lie only works if it's undetected
violation of quantiiy-deciet by ommision
violation of realtion- to bring in information that doesn't have anything to do with it, RED HERRING
violation of manner-tone, language is overly flamboyant or minimalistic

in the same way, bloggers tend to use links under the Cooperative principle-

flout- interesting because you try to violate one of these cooperative principles in a way that is obvious, reader is not supposed be decived, impliciture....signals that it is ironic and taking an attitude.

we are looking at how people use this rather than stopping at labling.

encountering flouts everywhere...

highly situated/ highly contextual.....

Flout of quality: use of tone of voice, lack of truthiness " I really love this weather"
Fout of quantity: Mom says "Where were you" You say "Out" - implicuture: I dare you to ask me more....
Flout of relation: connect the seemingly unrealted- PUN
Flout of manner: usually used as sarcasm that overburden's remark, typographical remarks....."Get.Out.Of.Here" "Lulz" seems seemingly incorrect for type of speech, non-sequiters
> push toward attitude
listener can misinterpret but can still be considered

because of our dialect area many people say people are "taken for granite" ...."when it really is granted" cut off your nose despite your face, or inspite of your face....Blesh you, vs Bless you.

pun, mispelling...

flauts are stabilized in context of links, blogs, etc. Easier to work with than in spoken language.

implications, assumptions....try to state the unstated propositions....

flouts become more complex when combined.

mocks. takes attitude. signals reader/audience to make a connection, puts a lot of responsibility on reader to make sense of those.

Catalog flouts? How is author doing it? Try to articulate unstated propositions? Unstated attitudes....makes commentary...

Interpretation: what analytical material means....
now one can make an interpretive meaning from all of this....
for tuesday, complete descriptions, analysis, get ready to present.
when able to
8, 10 ,12 general observations of how he uses links or flouts, patterns seen in link language in when they are going to link to their own stuff verses an outside source.....
that tend to illustrate
link them to examples.....
low risk...
evaluating how your doing...
tues, thursday.... presentations....
7 minutues total....
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